Understanding The Ring Formula

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Getting engaged is one of the best moments in a person’s life. However, there are some struggles that may come before the big day, and one of those is buying an engagement ring. It can be a stressful but fun experience for most people. This is because there are lots of things … Read more

Choosing an Oval Diamond

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Buying an engagement ring is a really exciting moment. However, it also involves a lot of things to decide on, and that includes the diamond cut. If you are thinking about the best diamond cut for an engagement ring, one of the most picked today is an oval-cut diamond. There has been … Read more

How Much is My Engagement Ring Worth?

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We must admit, selling jewelry such as engagement rings, is one great way to make quick cash. However, even if you’re not thinking of selling your ring, it’s still essential for you to know how much is your ring is worth. If you want to see the value of your ring, you’ll … Read more

Famous Engagement Rings Throughout History

Famous Engagement Rings Throughout History

When it comes to renowned engagement rings, there are diamonds, and then there are diamonds. Then other precious gemstones are surrounded by even more diamonds. Exceptional women from Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Bey all got them. That is why in this article, we are going to present to your history’s most … Read more

How a Diamond’s Cut Affects Price

If you have tried checking out diamonds to buy, you have probably heard about the 4Cs of these gemstones – cut, carat, clarity, and color. These four characteristics of diamonds have a direct effect on the price and market value of the stone, and the cut is one of the most significant … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Round Cut

Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape when it comes to engagement rings because it purely symbolizes commitment. Their timeless uniform and symmetrical shape have 58 facets which makes them a brilliant-cut diamond. Those facets make color and inclusions of the round cut diamond look better compared to other fancy … Read more

Diamond Shape: Heart Cut

The heart cut diamond has a stunningly beautiful and boldly modern look that can outspokenly display your love to your partner. As we all know, the heart is a universal symbol of love maybe that’s why this diamond shape is gaining its popularity when it comes to engagement rings. That’s why in … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Pear Cut

The pear cut’s unusual teardrop or pear-shaped cut offers a timeless elegance that shows an emotional bond and connection. Just like a round diamond cut, the pear cut diamond is a popular brilliant cut that is known for its high sparkle. The pear cut diamond is shaped like a teardrop that has … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut is a blend of princess cut and emerald cuts because it has a mix of step cuts and x-shaped facets that starts from its corners to its center culet. The Asscher cut’s brilliant faceting can conceal certain inclusions and lower color grades. This cut has a clean and balanced … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Cushion Cut Diamond

Also known as the old mine cut or the mine cut diamond, cushion cut diamond got its name from its shape which looks like a pillow. But what is a cushion cut diamond exactly? Well, these particular diamond cut are square or rectangular and unlike the princess cut diamond which has beveled … Read more