What to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring?

a black and white photo of two engagement rings

Every great proposal has three crucial elements: the eternal question, true love, and a shiny engagement ring. Finding the love of your life is not the easy part, and now if you are preparing to buy an engagement ring, then the difficult part is behind you. The engagement ring is not an … Read more

Buying An Engagement Ring On A Budget

Buying An Engagement Ring On A Budget

The sad truth is that when a person wants to buy an engagement ring, they are not always in a position of having unlimited funds. In most cases, people tend to have a budget in which they must obey. Under this circumstance, the keyword is affordable, because many buyers are cheated into … Read more

Fun Facts about Engagement Rings

A man putting a ring on a woman’s ring finger

Do you ever dream about what your perfect engagement ring should look like? Would it be of gold or platinum, and what stone will it have? It is no wonder that there could hardly be anyone who is not excited about their engagement ring. Engagements are beautiful. They show love and commitment … Read more

History of Engagement Rings

An engagement ring with a bluestone

An engagement ring is a sign of appreciation of love between two people, signifying their engagement and a promise to marry shortly. A man gives his lover a ring as an engagement gift when proposing marriage or accepting the marriage proposal. It is an expression of love towards one and another, symbolizing … Read more

The Length to Width Ratio Does Matter

engagement ring with gold shank with five diamonds on its head

The brilliance of the diamond, especially its look from the top view, is also affected by its length and width. Its length and width ratio of the diamond indicates its proportionate length and width. The diamond’s L/W also matters because it gives an idea of how big or small the stone appears … Read more

How Much Will Monthly Payments Be?

Two silver diamond engagement rings

An engagement ring is perhaps the first significant purchase of your life as a couple. Financial decisions like this should not be taken lightly. A recent study showed that 76% of the surveyed couple would spend about $2,016 on an engagement ring, while 17% will spend between $2,500 to $5,000, and 7% … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Emerald Cut

Diamond Shapes: Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are an elegant unique class of diamond cuts and unlike other shapes such as the brilliant cuts, an emerald cut diamond is essentially a step cut. The facets in the emerald cuts do not feature the traditional star and kite-shaped facets compared to other loose diamonds. Emerald cut diamonds … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond is known for its classic, historic, and whimsical shape that captures the heart of many. Marquise cut are also called the football-shaped, boat-shaped, eye-shaped, and navette which is a French word for “little ship” because it somehow resembles the shape of all these things. Despite their sophisticated and … Read more