Everything Important to Know About Ethiopian Opals

While scores of people invest in gold, silver, and platinum bullion worldwide, an increasing number of them are turning to purchase raw gemstones that hold incredible value. The stunning opal from faraway Ethiopia is a primary example, enthralling buyers from across the globe with its remarkable charm and appeal.

However, there are several factors one must consider when buying Ethiopian opal raw stones, such as quality, color, durability, and more. Knowing a bit about the stone also helps make an informed buying decision, especially for first-time buyers.

So, refer to the following points to learn more about this coveted precious stone with a rapidly increasing buyer base.

Opals are found majorly in Australia

These stones are believed to be formed in prehistoric times by volcanic activity. They are found in various colors and shades, with most of them being white or bluish-white. Until recently, Australia was known to mine around ninety-five percent of the world’s opal. Nowadays, Ethiopia has gained a solid foothold in the market with its fantastic discoveries.

The main reason why people find opals from Ethiopia so appealing is that they have a unique look compared to other gems. They can display them in showcases at home, wear them as amulets and pendants, or have them embedded into jewelry.

A quick history of the Ethiopian opal

The gemstones were believed to have been mined for thousands of years in Australia. In 1994, Ethiopian opals began entering the global opal market for sale by private individuals or dealers. They became popular among collectors worldwide because of their high quality and natural beauty.

A major opal discovery was made in 2008 in Ethiopia near Wegel Tena town. The opal had a play of transparent white, orange, brown, and yellow colors shimmering from its body. It came to be called the Welo Opal soon after, justifying its unique identity. Now, thousands of gem lovers worldwide invest in these one-of-a-kind stones, each uniquely special from the rest.

They are almost always cut into faceted gems for jewelry

Ethiopian opals are almost always cut into faceted gems for jewelry and other uses. However, many prefer to buy the raw, uncut form as it is more attractive and affordable than a faceted one. For instance, you can buy a stunning stone with dark shades weighing around 0.7 grams for approximately $14 on a reputable website.

Depending on your specific preference, you can select heavier variants or buy several stones of the same weight. Many purchase different-colored rocks of the same weight and add them to their collection of precious gemstones.

Where to buy them

You can buy good-quality Ethiopian opal raw stones online from reputable suppliers with extensive industry knowledge and experience. You can buy them at affordable rates from retailers that ship the natural stones to your doorstep with free shipping within the country for orders above $75.

The best part about shopping for these opals online is that you don’t need to travel across continents if you want a specific color or cut of stone. Most of these companies offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so there is no need for any guesswork.

You also have access to other gemstones besides Ethiopian opals, such as quartz crystal clusters, rhodochrosite crystals, citrine, kyanite crystals, and much more. So, find a reliable supplier and purchase as many precious stones as you wish at affordable rates.