How much should you spend on your wedding ring based on your income and budget?

Planning for a wedding is what most people who live beyond the age of 30 would have had to do. There are instances where we might be planning for our wedding, the wedding of a friend or relative. During the planning, there are a lot of things to be considered including venue, wedding gown, wedding suit, shoes, food and drinks, photography for the guest as well as wedding rings.

The wedding ceremony is one that we hope will happen only once in a lifetime for us. Based on this, we always want everything to be perfect during the event. This is the best idea considering everything worth doing is worth doing well. Furthermore, the wedding ceremony is also a very important event. Hence, the money will be spent on many things required as well as the wedding ring. You might be wondering how much you should spend on your wedding ring based on your income and budget.

Since income and budget vary from people to people, the amount to spend on a wedding ring will also vary. The same thing applies to the percentage of income and budget. If there are any two items that no expense should be barred at when you are planning your wedding, it is your wedding ring, souvenir and photography. Spending enough money to get the best wedding ring, other accessories and jewellery to remember this special day should be the norm. The major reason for this is because out of all the expenses that you are going to make for your wedding, the souvenir, video and pictures from your wedding as well as your wedding rings are arguably the only things that will be useful by the day after the wedding.

The size and glamour of the wedding cake, venue, and enough food for your guests among others are very important. They should be well done and be enough for your wedding. However, by the day after the wedding, your payment for the hall will have expired, the owners of the chairs and other rented items will have claimed them, all the food and part of the cake will already be consumed. Give it another one month and every other thing for your wedding except the souvenirs, pictures, videos, and wedding ring. You can look up various websites to compare and get the best engagement ring in terms of quality and price for your partner.

You would want to be able to show your grandkids the pictures and videos from your wedding. You will also hope to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. The souvenirs you gave to your guest will also be among the items that will be left long after your wedding. Due to this reason, you should get the best quality of photos, pictures, wedding ring and souvenirs that you can afford. By the time you look back at your wedding a few months after when all the noise about the wedding has ended, you will be glad that you got the best wedding ring as you continue to wear them on your finger, where everyone who sees you can notice it, for a very long time.