Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Two things remain after you get married. First is the love between you and your partner, and the other is the wedding rings in most cases. You had spent a lot of time when you chose your life partner, maybe it’s just right that you should also spend enough time when choosing your engagement ring. Because you will carry this with you throughout your life. Aside from going for an expensive stone, it is also essential that you should choose something unique. Something that describes you, your love, your emotions, and your feelings. Today, most young adults do not always opt for gold, but they still value the metal. That is why some of them choose to wear a white gold ring or a platinum ring. In this way, it still has its value, but at the same time, it doesn’t look like the rings that most people have.

So if you want your engagement ring to stand out from all the rest, we are here to give you a list of unique engagement rings design ideas. However, keep in mind that these are just ideas, the uniqueness of the ring will still depend on your customization.

Go Vintage – If you really want a one of a kind engagement ring, then the first place you should look for in the antique jewelry store. More often than not, these stores sell romantic rings that have their own distinct history, such as a real love story. This way, it can have some extra significance and meaning to your engagement ring.

Petite and Dainty– Are you that type of person who is not used to wearing jewelry? Do you want a petite and demure ring that can fit your active or simple lifestyle? Then we suggest that find a ring an ultra-thin ring that has a tiny stone.

Unique Engagement Ring

Something Unconventional – Rings that are made with unconventional materials are perfect for brides who like non-traditional accessories. You can find bands made of everything from wood or even cement to fit your own eclectic style.

Embossed Design – It’s not just diamonds and other gemstones that make an engagement ring special. You can also choose a ring with an effect of embossed designs on it because it can also give out a sweet and subtle appearance.

A Chunky Fit – Are you’re the type of person that likes wide and chunky rings? Then maybe a chunky engagement ring will the perfect for you. It is definitely a unique style, and you can also add some contemporary band features such as inlaid diamonds along with a brushed finish to complete the look.

Engagement Ring

Modern Shape – Modern minimalism is one of the most popular engagement ring trends today. Still, if you want to go for something a little bit different, we suggest that you opt for a stone that has a bold shape.

Modern Shape Ring

Trinity Rings – Trinity rings are three rings that form a single circle. This kind of ring offers a unique design, and you can also have a sweet message carved out of it. Aside from that, the beauty of a trinity ring comes out when the three rings are made of different metals, such as white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. This way, you can end up having different types of golds along with a unique message.

NFC Rings – NFC rings have tiny chips that are embedded in the ring. These chips help you to connect the ring with the mobile phone. Which is why you can use this ring to in far many ways such as opening a video, opening smart locked doors, pairing a gadget, switching on/off your wifi connection, or even make payments. With an NFC ring, the sky is the limit.

Cryptic Message Rings – People who are in love tend to share a lot of secrets with each other. Whether it is an embarrassing nickname, they call each other or the location and date where you first met, for sure, there would be something that you’d like to engrave or create a product that can be based on it. It would be nice to have your engagement ring encrypted with these simple but meaningful words to remind both of you that you have that connection even if you’re far away from each other.

Sound Wave Ring – If you really want to take uniqueness to the next level. You can capture your voice or the moment you proposed, record it, have it made in a wave format, and etch it on your engagement ring.