The Science Behind Diamond Brilliance

A diamond placed on a sea of pieces of glass

Diamonds, with their timeless allure and remarkable sparkle, have captivated human hearts for centuries. These precious gemstones are more than just symbols of love and luxury; they are exquisite examples of nature’s ability to create beauty from the depths of the Earth. At the heart of a diamond’s allure lies its brilliance, … Read more

How to Keep Your Diamond Ring Sparkling

Diamond Silver-colored Ring

A diamond ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of love, commitment, and enduring beauty. However, over time, even the most exquisite diamonds can lose their sparkle if not properly cared for. Dust, dirt, oils, and everyday wear can dull the brilliance of your diamond. To … Read more

Choosing an Oval Diamond

person wearing an oval diamond ring

Buying an engagement ring is a really exciting moment. However, it also involves a lot of things to decide on, and that includes the diamond cut. If you are thinking about the best diamond cut for an engagement ring, one of the most picked today is an oval-cut diamond. There has been … Read more

What To Know When Selling A Diamond

A close-up of diamonds with white background

Purchasing a piece of jewelry is now simple. You may stroll into any jewelry shop and make an immediate purchase. When you’re attempting to sell it, the opposite is the case. Diamonds are the most used jewelry items these days, either as a symbol of getting married and carrying down family traditions … Read more

Guide to the Different Colors of Diamonds

Guide to the Different Colors of Diamonds

Nobody wants a D on their report cards, but everyone would love to get diamond with a grade D! Wondering why? Hint: it is the best diamond hue amidst the rest.  What are colored diamonds? How are they formed? Are they different in price than a transparent one? All your queries will … Read more

How The Engagement Ring Industry Is Changing

a picture of a couple wearing wedding rings

What is the first thought that pops in your mind when you hear about a marriage proposal? Most people would get excited to see how the wedding ring looks like. Whenever someone proposes their better half, the first thing they start mulling over is which ring to purchase for the big day. … Read more

The Most Famous Diamonds In The World

a green gemstone mounted on a silver necklace

Did you know that one of the many planets in our Milky Way galaxy is made of diamond? In 2004, astronomers discovered an alien planet that they named ‘55 Cancri e’. After research, it was unraveled that approximately a third of the planet is most likely to be made of pure diamond! … Read more

The Length to Width Ratio Does Matter

engagement ring with gold shank with five diamonds on its head

The brilliance of the diamond, especially its look from the top view, is also affected by its length and width. Its length and width ratio of the diamond indicates its proportionate length and width. The diamond’s L/W also matters because it gives an idea of how big or small the stone appears … Read more

How a Diamond’s Cut Affects Price

How a Diamond's Cut Affects Price

If you have tried checking out diamonds to buy, you have probably heard about the 4Cs of these gemstones – cut, carat, clarity, and color. These four characteristics of diamonds have a direct effect on the price and market value of the stone, and the cut is one of the most significant … Read more

Diamond Shapes: Round Cut

Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape when it comes to engagement rings because it purely symbolizes commitment. Their timeless uniform and symmetrical shape have 58 facets which makes them a brilliant-cut diamond. Those facets make color and inclusions of the round cut diamond look better compared to other fancy … Read more