Diamond Shapes: Round Cut

Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape when it comes to engagement rings because it purely symbolizes commitment. Their timeless uniform and symmetrical shape have 58 facets which makes them a brilliant-cut diamond. Those facets make color and inclusions of the round cut diamond look better compared to other fancy shapes. Research shows that over 50 percent of all diamonds that are purchased are round cut diamonds. Along with its popularity, it’s pretty hard to pick the right round cut diamond to purchase. Don’t’ worry because we are going to lay down all the things you need to know when buying a round cut diamond. From its history and what you should expect to pay, we got you all covered.


Before the round cut diamond was created, the popular cut for diamonds was the cushion cut. That’s why the search for the cut that showcases the facets of the diamond’s radiance and brilliance started and it led the way for new cuts to be created throughout the years. It was at the end of the 1800s when the bruting machine was invented and it made the round brilliant diamond cut to be possible. Today, we can witness the brilliance of the 58 facets round diamond cut that maximizes and catches light from all angles that is why it is often called as the round brilliant diamond. Since then, the round diamond cut became the most popular diamond shape because it is easily identified and it can be worn to every occasion night or day and matches every wearer whether they are young, old, modern, or traditional.

How Much Does It Cost?

Round cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond cuts because they have high demands and they waste a lot of the diamond rough compared to other shapes and cuts. Rough diamonds are the most popular diamond cuts and because diamonds are a natural material, they just cannot be produced in a snap that’s suppliers tend to increase its price because the high demand can make them rarer. Plus, a rough diamond coms in different sizes and shapes and no one could predict what size or shape will be mined. And the shape of the rough diamond is not always perfect for creating a round diamond. A diamond cutter’s priority is to maximize the diamond’s carat weight but when it comes to round cut diamond, about 28 to 38 percent of the diamond rough is wasted to create the perfect and brilliant round cut. This means that almost half of the raw material will be wasted.

A 1 carat round cut diamond with VS2 clarity, a G color diamond, and has an Excellent cut will cost around 5,283 dollars. You can expect the price to go up from there as the color and clarity grades increase.

What Makes the Round Cut Diamond Popular?

Here are the reasons why round cut diamonds have higher demands compared to other diamond cuts.

  • Brilliance – This is what makes the diamond look shiny and sparkling. The brilliance of a diamond relies on the amount of white light that reflects off the diamond’s table to your eyes. And the cut and facets of the round diamond give you more brilliance compared to any other diamond shapes. That’s why the round cut diamond will absolutely get your attention. 
  • Versatility – The round cut diamond sports a classic design and it goes perfectly with different styles, from vintage engagement rings to modern diamond rings. The round cut diamond can also be chosen to side stones as well. 
  • Fire – A diamond’s fire refers to the amount of colored light the diamond disperses. The colored reflection allows the diamond to show off its character and beauty. That’s why you can expect a round diamond with an exceptional cut to have a tremendous amount of fire. 
  • Beauty – As we mentioned, round cut diamonds are incomparable and its 58 facets perfectly reflects light into your eyes. 
  • Timeless Appearance – The round cut diamond has been around for centuries but it has never gone out of style. Its elegance and beauty is always a classic choice that is cherished and handed down for generations. 

Guide in Purchasing a Round Cut Diamond

One thing you should remember when buying any kinds of diamond is that don’t let a jeweler mislead you by overcomplicating the buying process and just keep it simple. Remember these things when buying a round cut diamond:

  • Remember to maximize the diamond’s cut, carat, color, and clarity
  • The cut is the most important thing to look for because it determines how the diamond shines.
  • The round diamond’s clarity is the least important because the diamond only needs to look clean to the naked eye.