Ways to Earn Extra Cash for Your Monthly Engagement Ring Payment

Are you looking for a strategy to earn extra money to cover your monthly engagement ring payment? Perhaps you also want to increase your retirement contribution, pay down debt, or just have extra money available each month to put into your savings accounts. There are many opportunities accessible, regardless of whether you need to earn a little additional money from home to support your family or have a full-time job and are searching for a side hustle.

Here are some practical ways to help you earn additional cash for your monthly expenditures.

Make Money Online

In the global marketplace, earning money online is the ideal option. There are feasible choices accessible to you whether your goal is to become a six-figure social media influencer or simply to add some online freelance work to your current income. Below are a few ways for you to earn online.

Take surveys

Take surveys

Large corporations use survey sites to do market research so they can improve their products and create more focused marketing campaigns. They want to understand more about customer demographics and your behaviors, which is why they’re prepared to pay for your comments. It’s incredibly simple to do internet surveys, and you can make $1 to $3 per hour by doing so.

Be a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Almost anything you can think of can be done by a virtual assistant. Social media management, graphic design, customer support, data entry, billing or invoicing, email and contact management, project management, and content editing and proofreading are some of the virtual assistant services you can provide. You may work and earn extra cash from anywhere and on your terms with this side hustle.

Be an online tutor

Companies that offer online tutoring employ instructors to impart their expertise to pupils on a variety of subjects. Most online tutors have a specific area of expertise, like teaching English, Math, or Science. Others focus on test preparation and assist students with standardized tests as well as other sorts of assessments, such as entrance exams or grade-level tests. You can earn $10-$25 per hour as an online tutor.

Test websites

Every company hopes its website provides excellent information, achieves its objectives, and generates revenue. Sometimes businesses want or need to guarantee that their website’s layout and navigation are simple for their target audience. However, if something isn’t functioning, the company wants to know why thus many employ user experience testers to provide feedback. These businesses compensate users like you to test the website, offer suggestions, and help them figure out what they can do better.

Become an influencer on social media

Earn money by posting on social media. You might think about being an influencer if you have a sizable following on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, or even your blog. You may establish yourself as a go-to source for companies to increase their online exposure, whether the industry is fashion, kitchenware, or home furnishings. Simply let the brands you adore know that you’d like to collaborate with them.

Take Advantage of Reward Points

Earning points reward points is possible through bonus offers and purchases in specific categories, including restaurants, travel, petrol, and more. You might be able to earn 1 point for every $1 spent when using a credit card. Others may provide 2–5 points for every $1 spent on eating, travel, and other categories including department stores, groceries, and more.

Pay less for online purchases

Every time you shop online, your go-to websites will automatically find you discounts and promotional codes. As a further option, you can create price-drop notifications for your preferred goods, ensuring that you are the first to learn when they are reduced in price.

Earn cashback while shopping

Earn cashback while shopping

Several businesses will provide you with cash when you download their applications and make purchases online through their portals. Some users that join up for a free account receive $10 just for doing so. Through these cashback applications, when you locate a cashback offer you wish to take advantage of, click on the retailer’s link and begin buying. When using these apps to order, shop, and buy groceries, you can earn cashback.

Sell any unused gift cards

Online gift card sales are a way to earn extra cash. Additionally, you can exchange your unused gift card for one that you will use. This is an excellent method for turning unwanted gift cards into cash.

Try Some Flexible Jobs

Some jobs would be perfect for stay-at-home parents, students, and individuals who wish to travel while they work, in addition to being great as a complement to a full-time job.


If you are a grammar expert, this could be a terrific opportunity for you to earn an additional amount per month doing something you like. Because there is such a vast market for writers who want someone to review their work before they publish their books or material, proofreading is a great method to make extra income per month.

Do freelance writing

You can write and can get paid by other sites and businesses to write articles for them. Your compensation will vary depending on the business, your work, and your expertise. You may look for display websites and magazines that are looking for authors in your area of expertise. Once you establish a following in this industry, you might easily earn extra money each month.

Deliver food and goods

delivery service

There are several different delivery applications available, and they all function rather similarly. You receive a notification from the app, go pick up the item, and then deliver it to the customer. All you must do is heed the instructions in the app. You will get paid for this, all on your schedule.

Be a personal trainer

gym trainer, fitness

If you’re going to do this, it’s highly advised that you obtain a personal trainer certification. It will safeguard both you and your client’s safety in addition to assisting you in promoting yourself to prospects. On average, a personal trainer makes $19 per hour. This is a simple job to start with as long as you can attract enough clients.


Many practical methods can help you earn extra money each month. If you have the relevant expertise, you might just find one of the numerous careers available online that pays more and enables you to work from home at a time that works for you. You can also make extra money by renting out or selling your unused assets or used things. There are countless opportunities to get extra money each month to help with your monthly engagement ring payment, as well as your other expenditures.