Wedding Invitations Sydney – What to Look for When Buying

When you need wedding invitations Sydney and are getting hitched there too, it’s very important to understand what to look for when you’re buying them. In this guide, we’re going to give you some advice that will hopefully help you choose the right wedding invitation for you and your loved one, so you can have an excellent addition to your wedding and get the most guests as well.

Add a Definition to your Wedding’s Style

Is your wedding a themed wedding? Or is it contemporary, traditional, rustic, glamorous, modern, or some other type, you need to be able to define it, as this will help you choose the right style for your invitation. By knowing what to style your wedding as, you can furthermore use the same theme with your invitation to make it more of an addition.

You have to also consider your wedding colors, because if you don’t, then you’ll just be getting a “card” that doesn’t go with your wedding the way it should. Your invitations should incorporate some of the same colors as your wedding. You can choose things like adding metallic and gold foil fonts in order to enhance the color and appeal of your invitation.  While everyone is taking their time to decide, be sure to check out as a great option.

Don’t Just Choose the Standard Size or Style

One thing that makes things your wedding invitation special is making it unique to you. There are more than just the classic 4.5inch by 6.5-inch style. Sometimes, you can even choose different shapes and sizes along with this in order to create a unique wedding invitation for your guests. For example, if you have an ocean themed wedding, try using seashell shaped cards.

Ensure they Can Be Read

Sometimes using too elegant of a font like scripts can be hard to read, especially when it comes to certain people and the elderly. Therefore, it’s important to choose a font that’s sleek, stylish, and bold at the same time so your invitation can be read well.  Be sure to check out ideas at as well.

You want to also make sure you choose the right wording and that grammar is correct. You don’t want to put too much info on the card itself either. Basically, you want people to know when you’re getting married and where. You can use separate cards or sheets in order to make directions so your actual wedding invitation isn’t overly crowded.

It’s also important to make sure you get started on the design with plenty of time before your actual wedding, this way people can start to schedule their daily adjustments in order to be able to make it to your wedding. If you get them professionally printed, it can take anywhere from 8-11 months before your wedding so you can ensure that people can get them about a month or two early.  And while your doing all that shopping and hanging out and waiting be sure to enjoy a paypal casino and other great options.


If you have any questions on where to buy wedding invitations, you can count on a professional service like Sail & Swan to get the job done for you. They serve the Sydney, Australia area with professional greetings and wedding stationary, invitation cards, and more, so you can get a professional printing service for an excellent price.