Tips On Buying The Best Diamond Solitaire Ring

Selecting a perfect engagement ring can really be overwhelming; all thanks to a wide variety of ring designs to choose from. It is going to be your first biggest investment ever, so you need to make a decision carefully. To be honest, diamond solitaire rings are the best option you must consider for your big day. Here’s why:

  • Nothing can compete the simplicity and dazzling appearance of a diamond solitaire.
  • These precious gemstones are a popular choice for engagement rings around the world.
  • They can be customized in a variety of timeless and iconic designs, cuts and settings.
  • Diamonds have the ability to make someone feel special and that’s exactly you would want your lover to endure. No?

If you are someone who has never bought a diamond ring before, then things must be confusing for you. Fret not! This user-friendly guide will help you in making the right choice without breaking your bank. Keep reading.

What Exactly Is A Diamond Solitaire?


Any jewelry that has only one diamond without any gemstones on the sides or shanks is called a diamond solitaire.

The title diamond solitaire is usually associated with rings that have single diamond or gemstone setting. However, earrings or necklaces can also be diamond solitaires if they fulfil the ‘criteria’. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Diamond Solitaire Rings

If you believe that it is easy to figure out whether a diamond is real or imitation through its dazzling appearance; Think Again! For your information, zirconia is pretty similar to diamond in look and feel, but it is difficult to ditch someone that has some knowledge of gemstones. To save you from the inconvenience; we have shared a few important things to consider before actually buying a solitaire ring.

1. Learn About the Four Cs of Diamonds

The first step you need to take before heading towards the market is to learn about the language of diamonds. It involves the four Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat. They are the four pillars of a diamond’s foundation that reveal how worthy a gemstone is.

  • Cut: it is an important factor of a diamond that is responsible for the sparkles of a crystal. A diamond with a poor cut will shine less and become dull as compare to the one with a proper cut. Moreover, a few cuts such as princess or marquise, have the ability to make a diamond appear bigger than its actual size. Besides, a diamond cut also affects its price. Wondering how? Click here.
  • Color: the second C refers to the color of crystal, which is defined in grades, from D to Z. The price of D graded colorless diamonds is the highest of all. The more you move down the grade chart, the lower the cost will get (Z has the lowest price). Read more: guide to different colors of diamond.
  • Clarity: here comes another important factor to consider: clarity of a diamond crystal. Some gemstones contain tiny blemishes or imperfections on them known as inclusions. As the number of inclusions in a diamond crystal increases, the clarity of crystal goes down. High clarity diamonds are known as FL (flawless diamonds). 
  • Carat: Lastly comes the carat! The term is used determine the weight of a diamond. The bigger the size of the stone, the more its weight and price will be. Remember that, two stones of equal carats may not be same in price because of the other three Cs.

2. Pick Desired Shape

The next step is to choose a suitable shape of diamond that speaks for your style and taste. Below are a few elegant shapes to choose from:

  • Round Cut –  this shape highlights the brilliance of a diamond in the best way. Elegant and stylish.
  • Oval Cut– this one looks great on lean, long fingers. So, if your girlfriend has slender fingers, go for an oval diamond solitaire blindly. 
  • Emerald Cut – the large facets of emerald shape are bound to display excellent clarity. 
  • Asscher Cut –  this shape is also identified as square emerald, and it features an art deco feel.
  • Cushion Cut – this vintage style was quite popular back in the 1800s, but still creating its waves in the diamond industry. 
  • Princess Cut– it has pyramidal shape with a broad yet flat top. The shape can make a gemstone look larger than reality.  
  • Marquise Cut – this one is the long and tapered style that has the ability to maximize the carat size. 
  • Pear Cut – this round-marquise hybrid shape appears delicate and looks best on a thin, light band.

3. Choose a Color Grade Range Wisely


We all know that transparent or colorless diamond has a different level of unbeatable charm. Everyone would want to have one, but it is not affordable for a lot of buyers. The great news is that; you don’t have to pay for a D or E graded diamond for your engagement ring. That’s true! The diamonds from range G to I look equally stunning and alike but are less in cost comparatively. 

Moreover, remember that the shape of a gemstone plays a huge role in reflecting colors at different strengths. 

4. Ask For Certification

In order to determine the authenticity of a diamond solitaire; its certification is significant. Although reputed and authentic jewelers will always provide you one, but if not; you have all the rights to ask for a proof of authenticity with the diamond you choose. 

Grading laboratories or gemological Institutes are responsible to certify real diamonds. 

5. Buy Diamonds From a Reputed Seller : physically or online

You can easily get scammed if you don’t have proper know-how of diamonds. There are two ways to buy a diamond ring, either through physical display centers or online stores. Both have a set of pros and cons that we will be discussing later. However, no matter which option you choose; always buy from reputed sellers. Don’t be lured by the heavy discount offers. Instead, trust the brand that has been in the business for a couple of years at least. 

Don’t forget to check feedbacks or reviews on their social media accounts. Moreover, consider their refund and return policies before making a purchase.

Type of vendors



How to prevent scams?

Online jeweler

Convenient option, images and videos are available online, discount deals are available, online customer service support, professional consultancy is available on request.

Can’t hold or touch the stone before buying, can get scammed easily

Check reviews, always trust on well-reputed names, ask for certification, ask for video demonstration, consult a professional when needed, be sure about refund and exchange policy.

Physical Display Center

You are able to hold and feel the diamond, one to one interactions with the seller.

Need to visit the store on fixed timings, usually discounts are not available.

Ask for authenticity, go for well-known brands or stores only, consult a professional, ask for refund or exchange policy.

6. Set Your Priorities and Budget Beforehand

Set Your Priorities and Budget Beforehand

It is understandable that engagement is an important event of someone’s life, and the ring for the occasion should be special too. However, purchasing a diamond solitaire from your three months’ salary isn’t wise at all. Do you know you can buy an almost-one-carat diamond solitaire for as low as $1,500? The key is to prioritize your budget, then select the quality, color and setting of the stone accordingly. 

Don’t forget to check out the ultimate guide to selecting an engagement ring.

Tips and Tricks to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Diamond

Here, we are going to share two simple yet effective tips to check the authenticity of the diamond. Regardless, you should never compromise on the basic precautionary measures.

1. The Breath Test

The test is as simple as breathing. Yes, you read it right! It is an undeniable fact that diamonds are good conductors of heat. Therefore, when you breathe on a real gemstone; the fog formed after breathing will instantly disappear from the surface. On the other hand, fake diamonds would take more time to clear the fog or moisture.


A material named moissanite has similar properties like diamond. Hence, it may show same results with the breath test. In this case, check the facets of the crystal to ensure the authenticity because diamond and moissanite have different faceting patterns.

2. The Sandpaper Test

Next time while visiting a jewelry shop, don’t forget to take sandpaper with you to conduct this test. All you need to do is, rub the sandpaper on the crystal gently. Don’t worry if you are concerned whether the seller will let you do the deed because it has no adverse affects on the real stone. However, a fake one will easily get scratches.


Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, but no one would like to purchase a fake diamond ring for their lover. Would you? 

Buying the best diamond solitaire ring is not an easy task, but the above-mentioned guidelines can really help you choose carefully. In short, Do your thorough research on the 4Cs of diamond, set your budget, deal with a reputed seller only, choose the right color, shape, setting of the gemstone, and you are good to go. You can also check out The perfect engagement ring for more innovative ideas.

So, which shape and color of diamond solitaire are you going to choose for your engagement ring?