Tips for Choosing a Non-Traditional Stone for An Engagement Ring

different gemstones

“Diamonds are girl’s best friend” it may be true to many women out there, but not all of them are mesmerized by diamond rings. Generally, engagement rings feature a shiny diamond as the center stone or diamonds all around the ring. Diamond has long been a symbol of timeless love, commitment, longevity, … Read more

Who is the Asscher Family?

The Asscher Diamond Factory former headquarters on the Tolstraat 127 in Amsterdam

During 1854, Joseph Isaac Asscher and his family founded the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, which was initially named as I.J. Asscher Diamond Company at Tolstraat 27 in Amsterdam. The family was prominent and had an esteemed reputation as the expert diamond artisans. Who was Joseph Asscher? Famously known as the Asscher Cut … Read more