Ideas for Engagement Surprise Announcements

We all get it. Engagement proposals are a whirlwind of mixed emotions but mostly love and excitement. Getting engaged is more than just a gimmick – it is a gesture, saying, “We’re almost there.” 

While some people prefer a little privacy about their relationship status, others can’t contain the pure joy and love they feel, especially after getting engaged. 

So, after you have both savored such a romantic moment, what could be more important than surprising loved ones with the news about the engagement? And while you’re at it, why not make the announcement extra creative and fun? If you’re musing for ideas, here are some of the most fantastic, most creative tips for engagement surprise announcements.

1. Post It

Social media’s role in most people’s lives seems to be getting more and more relevant with each passing day. People would often post on their Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp about everything going on with their lives. Most people (including your relatives) spend much time on social media that you can assume there’s no way they’d miss a post or two from you.

With social media, sharing something like the wonderful news of your engagement is at your fingertips. You can exploit this fact by taking a selfie with your partner showing off your engagement ring. And don’t forget that touching message!

2. A Picture Tells It All

a couple staring closely at each other

This one is pretty similar to the first but more straightforward. We have seen many couples impressing each other with long posts and words that usually mean nothing. So, for a change, you can announce it with just a shot of you and your partner during the exact moment of the proposal.

A snap of him kneeling on the floor asking you to be his forever can be a more romantic and compelling news-teller to everyone. Who needs a caption when the picture tells it all?

3. Asking Your Pet’s Help to Break the News

For pet lovers out there, you’d want to try this one out. After the engagement, you can let your pet tell people you are already engaged by posting your pet’s selfie bearing the announcement. Of course, including your pet is a MUST, but involving them on this level is the cutest thing ever.

4. Have A Proper Photoshoot with Friends

If you and your fiance are in a tight circle of friends who have known you for life, chances are, they too might have been involved in the planning (sometimes behind your back). One of the cutest, heart-warming gestures you can repay them is to include them in your creative engagement photo shoot. But, with this, you’ll need someone who knows his ways around camera angles and aesthetics, such as a professional photographer.

5. Wear It

Get a couple’s shirt that says about the great news, and for sure, you’ll brighten someone else’s day too, as you both pass by on the sidewalk. Wearing the information on a shirt is a fun and creative way of sharing people your relationship status. With an artsy and meaningful design, like your favorite cartoon or anime characters, or just plain texts with cute fonts, you can surely get a couple of congratulations around.

6. Ink It

Unless you are not that sure yet, (which is highly unlikely given that you have signed up for it), another seriously fantastic way to share the news with everyone is to ink it. Yep, get a tattoo! Tatts are the way to go if you both love the arts – inking the romantic moment on your skin immortalizes the moment. And what a way to remember the occasion every day, for years to come?

But, as for all getting-inked stuff, be sure to get inked only by trusted artists. Get a simple yet meaningful design as well. For instance, you can ink the date of Roman Numerals’ engagement for aesthetics and meaning.

7. Snap A Sunset Ring Shot

a silver engagement ring

Beach. Engagement ring. Sunset. Get the right photographer as well, and you’ll have the best sunset ring shot of the year like a celebrity’s. Strangely enough, everything becomes romantic during sunsets, and having a picture of you both; the newly-engaged couple, is something worth trying. Just make sure not to drop or lose that precious diamond ring in the sand!

8. Let the Cake Tell

One of the classic and timeless ways to celebrate any occasion is having a cake. You can also tell people about the beautiful news using a cute, tiny cake with a simple cake topper saying “She said, yes!” or “Soon-to-Be Husband and Wife.” The fun part about this is that you can invent your version and even tell it through an inside joke that only you and close friends or relatives know.

The key is to make everything in the cake unique and meaningful to you and your fiance. It will also help if it’s a couple’s effort — from choosing the flavors and colors to going through with the design.