Diamond Engagement Ring: How to Get the Perfect One

For a lot of men who are planning to propose to their girlfriends, the thought of buying the perfect diamond engagement ring is already a daunting task. Picking out an engagement ring for their sweethearts could either make or break their engagement.

If you are planning to buy a ring for your engagement, don’t feel too overwhelmed. There are some key things that you must consider. These include choosing the right jeweler, getting recommendations from relatives, fixing a budget, doing some research, and a lot more. All that you have to do to get a perfect ring for your engagement. Let’s have a look at all these significant points to buy a diamond ring.

Go to a good jeweler. You must choose an ideal jeweler to help you in getting the perfect diamond engagement ring. You should be comfortable in that store; the staff should be pleasant and are ready to help you with their advice and recommendations. The jeweler must have an exceptional reputation in the market and offer jewelry at decent and reasonable prices. The jeweler must give a certificate of originality of their products which will serve as proof of what you will buy. They must also be registered with associations or societies that regulate or certify all the jewelers of the area.

Take recommendations from your relatives or married friends. Recommendations are always useful for purchasing any item. When planning to buy an engagement ring, don’t forget to ask for recommendations from your married friends or relatives. They can suggest you to reputable jewelers, or suggest designs that you can look for a diamond engagement ring and other important things that will prove helpful for your purchase.

Look for online jewelers. There are several reputable online stores selling their merchandise online. While you may not be able to inspect their jewelry personally, you can otherwise look at different designs while browsing for them from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Buying online will also save you from that pressure environment created in the traditional showrooms. However, you must do online shopping only with high reputation dealers, to ensure that you make the smoothest purchase possible.

Take your fiancée for the final selection. If possible (and unless you’re planning for a surprise wedding proposal), take your fiancée out to a “ring-hunting” date. Since she’s the one who will wear the ring, you should definitely take her preferences into account. This factor will considerably help you in buying the best diamond ring. It will make your work a lot easier as you become aware of her tastes and choices, particularly in jewelry. Thus, there will no confusion regarding whether she will like the ring or not.

Taking your sweetheart to jewelry shops will also enable you to determine which engagement ring would fit best for her. That takes out the guesswork whether that certain ring doesn’t fit or otherwise comes too loose on her ring finger.

Custom designing ability. You must know how efficient your jeweler is in designing a diamond engagement ring. You can discuss with him about the custom design he will be making for you. It’s also a good idea to look at the previous designs he has already created for other customers. Just get the best idea of his skills to produce the finest diamond ring for your engagement.

DiamondConsider the four C’s. In shopping for diamonds, you should stick to the classic four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut of a diamond is one of the most critical criteria because it determines a diamond’s brilliance or sparkle. You should not rely on how big the diamond is, but rather on how well-cut it is. Even if the ring has a small diamond, it will give out the best sparkle because it has an excellent cut, and that brilliance will make it appear even bigger than it actually is. It will outshine even bigger diamonds that have otherwise a low-quality cut.

As for the color, it determines how clear a diamond can get. It is graded on a scale starting at “D” (colorless) and ending at “Z” (light yellow color). But remember that the color (or a lack thereof) of a diamond does not tell you about its quality, but merely its clarity and rarity. A colorless diamond is as good and durable as a diamond with a yellowish tint.

Looking at the diamond’s color will also help you determine how your budget can afford it. Colored diamonds, such as pink diamonds, are even more expensive than a one-carat “D” diamond but they’re still in high demand. Diamonds with fancy colors such as red and blue are among the most expensive diamonds.

Shapes do matter. Popularity is undeniably a big driving force when it comes to diamond shapes. Round cuts are still the most sought-after, while cushion and princess cuts come close. But don’t let trends become the number one influence for you when buying an engagement ring. Let your girl decide which cuts will suit her personality and preference. If she’s the traditional type, go for the round cut. If she’s the ultimate feminine woman, a princess or a heart cut should be best for her. But if your girl is someone who wants to make a strong statement, a cushion or emerald cut will make her a stand out.

Buy only a certified diamond ring. A gemstone, such as a diamond, that has been given a certification means that it has successfully undergone a rigorous quality check. But not all diamonds are created equal, so you’d rather put your hard-earned savings into a diamond engagement ring that’s supported by valid documentation. If a diamond is certified by trusted independent grading firms such as the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America, it means it’s going to be a worthwhile purchase. Plus you will be assured that it’s not some stone passing off as a mined diamond, so you won’t feel ripped off.

Don’t be in a hurry to get your diamond engagement ring. Take all your time, give a look at a variety of designs, take all suggestions, and go to the best jeweler in order to buy a perfect ring for your engagement.