All About the Center Stone for Your Diamond Engagement Ring


Finding the personal taste of your future bride is usually the first thing to do before selecting a diamond engagement ring – after all, she’s the one who will wear it, right?

Nowadays though, most people would rather prefer a joint decision so as to get the best ring possible. So to know about her taste of jewelry, the first thing you can do is to ask her about diamond rings in general. One must get an idea about the style she will like. You can also ask her family or friends to get an idea of what she likes the most. They may exactly know about her personal preferences so their suggestions will be helpful for you for sure. Also, try to observe her existing jewelry and her dressing sense, and then sum up all to get an idea from it. Your past experience with her can also tell you a lot about her taste of a diamond engagement ring.

Budget is usually the first concern that enters to mind when planning to buy an engagement ring. Establishing a budget in advance is a must before buying a ring and that budget totally depends on the person who is going to buy the ring. There is no tradition or compulsion to fix a budget as it totally depends on the buyer’s income as well as his desire to spend on a diamond engagement ring. So, you must know how much you are ready to spend to get the ring for your engagement. It will be good if the jeweler knows the budget in advance in order to show you the rings that fall under your budget.

Just buy a nice engagement ring that you can afford. After all, it’s not about the ring’s price tag that matters, but your thought and effort that you put into purchasing it. Don’t think of squandering all of your money on an engagement ring – remember that being buried in debt is definitely not romantic! Many brides-to-be would rather want to start their life together debt-free. Or they would rather have their men to spend their savings for a honeymoon or a nice house than to blow all of their money on some rock.

The durability is also an element that you must look while getting an engagement ring. Constant rubbing due to daily activities can break the band in case the band is not so durable. If you can afford it, platinum is a durable metal used widely in diamond rings. Other common metals are titanium and gold that are durable and preferred by a lot of jewelry buyers as they are less expensive as compared to platinum.

Don’t forget the finger size!

You may have bought a perfect ring with a beautiful stone(s), but it would be nothing if the size is just not right for her. So how would you buy the perfect diamond engagement ring for your girl if you do not know the size of her ring finger? This can be a little tricky, especially when guys are secretly planning for a surprise proposal to their own girlfriends. When guys finally get down to their knees and try to slide the ring on their girls’ finger, it’s either the ring doesn’t fit or it’s too big. It’s a bit awkward, you know. Not to mention that your fiancee will surely feel really disappointed… or as embarrassed as you.

If you have been in that situation before, chances are you brought the ring back to the jewelry shop and paid them a little extra fee to get it properly fitted. Many guys would be likely to do that way if they would be in this dilemma. But they don’t have to do that, right? There are better ways to avoid the additional cost (and possible embarrassment) by making sure that you buy the ring that has the right size. But how can you do that without your girlfriend making a guess (and suspecting) that you’re secretly planning to propose to her?

If you’re absolutely set on a surprise proposal, one of the ways to know your girlfriend’s ring size is tying the knot… well, literally that is. Tie a piece of string around her ring finger while she’s asleep. Or think up of other ways to do that, which she would most likely assume that you’re being funny or just joking around.

Another strategy is to swipe a ring from her jewelry box while she’s still in the bathroom. If you can, enlist her family members and/or friends for additional help. But if you have easy access to her jewelry box, find a ring that she’s taken off for a while. Then, trace it on a piece of paper.

Another sneaky way of determining her ring finger size is to go together to an art festival, a flea market, a cute souvenir shop or somewhere else. Buy her a cheap costume ring and start to fool around, pretending that you’re getting her a “promise ring” by slipping it on her finger. It’s also better if you encourage your lady to do the same.

Three-Stone White GoldBut if you are otherwise straightforward with your partner – especially if both of you have been discussing marriage for some time – ask her outright about her ring size! You can still surprise her – after all, she won’t know exactly when are you going to pop the question. Another element of surprise: in what manner would you pop the surprise wedding proposal in a clever and unique way? Some guys hide their engagement rings in a bouquet of flowers, inside a box of her favorite cupcake, or in a hollowed-out book.

Do some homework before buying the ring. Visit websites of numerous online stores who are selling jewelry like rings. Check the prices offered by different dealers to get the ring at the best price possible. Also, you must look for offers online that can help you to save you a lot of money. Due to heavy competition between the dealers, online stores sometimes provide heavy discounts on their jewelry that can cut your cost to a large extent. Wait for the best time to buy when there is a high probability of getting such exciting offers. Check the reputation of the respective dealer and confirm that he is giving certificates with its products. The certificates given by him will serve you as proof that confirms the originality of your diamond engagement ring. Good luck, and we hope you will get the perfect ring for your engagement.