Facts About Engagement and Wedding Rings

Engagement and wedding are two of the most important events in a person’s life, most especially for women. These are two different events as an engagement is what happens before a wedding. However, both of these are symbolized by one thing, which is a ring. For most people, it is quite easy to understand the importance of buying the right engagement and wedding ring, where they should buy them, and how to buy them. However, only a few people are aware of the history and facts behind these rings. 

If you are thinking of proposing soon and buying a ring, have it ever crossed your mind where the concept of engagement rings and wedding rings originated? Why do you think these rings are worn on the third finger on the left hand? If you have the same questions in mind, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are giving you some of the best facts that you need to know about engagement and wedding rings. 

Engagement Ring Facts

woman wearing an engagement ring

Here are some of the fascinating facts about engagement rings that you should know about:

1. Engagement rings are an ancient tradition.

The custom of giving engagement rings started as early as the Ancient Egyptian period. The rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This was because Ancient Egyptians believed that the fourth finger contained a vein that led to the heart. The first-ever documented evidence of engagement rings was from the 15th century. In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. It was set with flat, thin diamonds in the shape of a letter M. 

2. Engagement rings used to be signs of financial commitment.

In the past, men gave rings to women as a sign that they could support them financially. The engagement ring was given together with a purse that contained gold coins. This was to strengthen their monetary prowess.

3. December is the engagement ring buying month.

The most common month for purchasing engagement rings is in December. According to research, about 15% of couples are getting engaged during the joyful season. In addition to Christmas, other big days for proposals include Valentine’s Day, New Year, and Thanksgiving. 

4. The round-cut diamond ring is the most popular engagement ring.

When it comes to engagement ring styles, the most frequently chosen is a round-cut brilliant diamond ring. This is followed by a princess cut. When it comes to metals, the most popular choices are white gold and platinum. 

5. The most expensive diamond engagement ring in the world.

Did you know that the Blue Diamond Ring is the most expensive engagement ring in the world? It was sold for $9.49 million in 2013.

6. It was believed that a year’s wages should be spent on an engagement ring.

Spending a year’s salary on an engagement ring used to be the standard for men years ago. However, according to research, the average cost of an engagement ring nowadays is equal to around three weeks’ salary of an average employee. 

7. Most people view around twenty-seven engagement rings before buying one.

It is not a custom to choose an engagement ring quickly. In fact, it is recommended and usual for someone to spend around three months finding the best ring to propose with. On average, people visit four retailers and look at 27 rings before they make a purchase. 

8. Contemporary couples choose and shop for an engagement ring together.

Traditionally, it is the man’s task to find and buy an engagement ring for his significant other if he’s planning to propose. However, it is now becoming more common for modern couples to pick and buy engagement rings together. They believe that this way, the person who is buying will have the best idea for choosing the right ring. 

9. Paris Hilton received one of the most expensive engagement rings.

Did you know that Paris Hilton was once given one of the world’s most expensive engagement rings? Yes, and it was worth around $4.7 million. It has a centerpiece that features a big 24 carat, canary yellow, emerald cut diamond. 

10. A snake ring was used to symbolize eternity.

Back in the Victorian era, a snake ring was used to symbolize eternity. This is quite different from what we have come to know now. 

Wedding Ring Facts

beautiful wedding rings on a log

Like engagement rings, wedding rings have also been used since ancient times to show love, commitment, wealth, as well as ownership. Here are some of the fascinating wedding ring facts that you need to know:

1. Not all cultures wear wedding rings on their ring fingers.

It is normal for most people to wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. It is a tradition that comes from the Roman belief that the vein of love or vena amoris was located there. However, not all cultures believe in this. In India, some traditions require that a bride wear a toe ring instead. Also, couples in Germany and Russia wear their wedding rings on the right hand.

2. Years ago, only women wore wedding rings.

The tradition of both the bride and the groom wearing wedding rings only started during World War II when men started to wear rings to remember their wives back home. 

3. A wedding ring is also a sign of financial stability.

One of the historical motives for the exchanging of wedding rings was for the man to demonstrate that he was monetarily stable enough to support his bride by giving her a gift of precious metal. 

4. The wedding rings can’t be dropped.

Based on tradition, the marriage is doomed if the groom drops the ring during the wedding ceremony.

5. Wedding rings used to come with a small key.

Back in ancient Rome, men usually gave rings that were adorned with a small key. This made the ring the symbolic key to their hearts.

6. Wedding rings were traditionally gold.

Today, wedding rings can be of any color the couple wants. However, back then, they were traditionally made of gold as it was considered the purest and most valuable metal, which was thought to perfectly symbolize marriage. 

7. A wedding ring used to be part of a contract.

At the present time, wedding rings are symbols of love and appreciation. However, in medieval Europe, these rings were part of a contract that was ensured between the families of both the bride and the groom. It included an exchange of a various amounts of money and other valuable items.

8. The use of wedding rings for both bride and groom began in the late 19th century.

This was after a marketing campaign at the request of the American jewelry industry. They did it to increase their revenues. Before, only the groom offered a ring to the bride.

9. A wedding ring once saved a life.

In a reported shootout during a robbery years ago, a man was saved by his wedding ring, which deflected the bullet that was going straight to his face. 

10. The most common wedding ring engraving.

The most common words that are engraved on wedding rings are the names of the grooms. 


At the present time, most people think that engagement rings and wedding rings are only a requirement or just a simple symbol of love and commitment. However, it is surprising to learn that in ancient times, these rings meant more than that. Through the years, the use of these rings, as well as their styles and designs, have evolved and changed a lot. We hope this post helped you learn more about engagement and wedding rings.