Engagement Rings for Men: a hit or miss?

Being a symbol of commitment and long-lasting love; an engagement ring is an important part of the proposal not for women but men too. Unlike the feminine wedding bands, the choices with engagement rings for men are limited. Is that because men are not into rings much? Do you think engagement rings should be for women only? Do men wear engagement rings or not? Get your answers below!

Importance of Engagement Ring for Men

Traditionally, engagement rings have been reserved for women. However, there is no logical reason to explain why men should not have one. It not only signifies the marital status of a male, but can also add charm and style to their overall look. Don’t you think likewise?

When Did Men Started Wearing Rings?


The trend of engagement rings is as old as the Ancient Rome. In the era, women used to flaunt rings made of different materials, like gold, flint, copper or ivory in order to reveal their commitment or marital status. However, men were not bound to put on any kind of band or accessory for the very purpose.

During the World War II, men were seen wearing wedding bands in order to remember their loved ones from the overseas. Once the war ended; engagement and wedding rings became popular as symbols of success and prosperity.

Today, a majority of men practice wearing rings to celebrate their love relationship. Often, men accessories are traditional and simple, but not anymore! Now you can be as creative and artistic as you can for selecting the perfect engagement ring for your man.

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Things To Consider While Choosing Engagement Ring for Men


Now that you are convinced about the importance of an engagement ring for your man; the thought of buying one with no prior must be worrisome. Well, fret not! We are here to help! 

The main factors you should be looking for in a man’s commitment ring are: uniqueness, elegance and style. Besides, there are a few other things to consider as well. Have a look: 

1. Determine Your Budget

First things first! Keep your budget in mind before heading towards the market and choose accordingly. It is alright to keep a buffer of addition 5% to 15% of the total price so that you are able to manage, if the budget overshot.

2. Select a Suitable Style and Finish

All men are not the same – you might have heard this phrase quite often, and it also applies to their taste and style in rings. A few profiles of rings are discussed below to help you choose the best option according to your man’s choice, have a look:

Ring profiles

Classic Court

D-shape Ring

Flat Ring

Flat Court Ring


One of the common shapes of a ring. It is round from the inside and out.

This type is round and thin from the outside, but flat from the inside. It ensures a closer fit.

As the name reveals, the ring is flat inside and out. It is quite comfortable to wear.

It features a flat exterior and round interior.

Let’s dive into the type of finish and polish you can opt from:

  • High Polish

It features a straight metal along with a glimmering, smooth finish.

  • Matte

Popular and trending among the modern grooms; this style is all about matte cut downs that ensure less refection.

  • Combination

This one lies between a matte finish and high polish finish.

  • Hammered

Hammered finish is for those who are looking for true distinction. It delivers better texture and defined detailing.

3. Select A Ring WITH ASurprise’ Factor

Men love surprise!!! Your man will love the idea of a customized engagement that is specially designed to make him feel loved; that’s a guarantee!

  • You can opt for an engraved ring with your name initials
  • Choose his birthday stone
  • Rings with engraved text, like ‘I promise’ or ‘I love you’, never fails to impress.

4. Consider His Preferences and Lifestyle


Men engagement rings are available in a wide variety of designs these days to make your selection hassle-free. However, keep your man’s preferences and lifestyle in mind while selecting one. For example:

  • If he is going to wear the ring on a regular basis, then it is suggested to choose a durable design with a long-lasting polish.
  • Moreover, mostly men are into jeans and t-shirt these days, so a minimalist or simple classic design will work great with the casual look.
  • For a businessman-kind-of-guy with formal dressing; choose an intricate design sigh ostentatious style.

5. Type of Engagement Ring For Men

Let’s discuss types of promise rings now:

Simple Engagement Ring

  • They are generally simple and affordable.
  • Sleek silver and gold are recommended colors.
  • Titanium band along with a brushed finish also look good in this style.

Modern Engagement Ring

  • Monolithic appearance
  • Can be customized in contemporary colors

Classic Engagement Ring

  • Traditional in style
  • Comes in infused form – a combination of modern and traditional design. 
  • Can be customized with a variety of gemstones.

Fashion Ring

  • Fusion of modern and traditional style.
  • Includes trending geometric designs.
  • May feature embellished text

Solitaire-Type Designs

  • These rings don’t include diamond always.
  • Looks unique and preferred by a majority of men.

6. Choice of Gemstones

Gemstones are bound to add a classy touch to any ring, either it’s for the female or male. You can choose the color of the precious stone as per the color of his engagement outfit, his skin tone, birthday stone or eye color. Some common gemstones found in men’s ring are given below:

  • Diamond

Who doesn’t love diamonds? They are colorless, crystal clear, and are able to illuminate a room with the refraction of light. Diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most valued precious stones in the world. However, they usually contain tiny flaws or inclusions which are mostly natural.

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  • Rubies

Rubies come in a pinkish red color. Since Old Testament times, the stone is not just known for its beauty, but also its highly value. Rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, and are available in a variety of corundum – crystalline aluminum oxides. The value of rubies depends on its shade, the more deep or blood like the stone appears; its value increases. Moreover, rubies look best with yellow gold.

  • Sapphire

Sapphires are similar to rubies in the variety of corundum with only one major difference; they are not red. Sapphires often come in blue color, but they can be orange, green, purple or black, depending on the nature of stone impurities. In fact, a rare variety in sapphire is also available in which the stone keeps on changing its colors with the shades of light. Sapphires look stunning with silver or white metal.

  • Emerald

Emeralds are precious stones in green color. Like diamonds, they also have inclusions and flaws that can be seen with the naked eyes. In fact, it is rare to find an emerald without a flaw. The shades of green vary from minty green to pale and dark verdant; the deeper the color the more its valued.

  • Amethyst

It is a purple or violet colored stone that was highly prized by Ancient Greeks. They believed that the stone is good for drunkenness and aid in staving off hangovers. The word, amethyst’ is from Greeks, which means ‘not intoxicated’. It is a perfect stone to choose for your man to make him feel valued and cherished.

  • Aquamarine

This one is my personal favorite! Do you know why the stone is called aquamarine? Because it has a seawater color, aqua and marine. Opt this for your blue-eyed lover and watch everyone compliment him!

Also, read tips for choosing a non-traditional stone for an engagement ring for more ideas.

7. Be Careful With the Choice of Metal


Once you have selected the style and gemstone; the next important step is to choose a right metal for the engagement ring of your best man. Make sure that he is not allergic to any specific metal, and it is better to get some tests done for the very reason. 

Usually, people are stimulant to nickel, which is present in most of the ring alloys, unfortunately. In this case, select an unalloyed and pure metal, like tungsten, silver and 24-karat gold.

8. Alternatives to Engagement Rings

Lastly but most importantly, if your man is not into engagement rings or if he doesn’t wear rings at all; then you should consider alternatives. You don’t have to force someone to go for a traditional band, when you have options like:

  • A bespoke watch 

The idea of gifting a watch to a man can never go wrong. Fortunately, there are tons of choices with this one. You can either choose an android watch with your wallpaper on it or customize a classic one with engraved text on the straps.

  • Wedding band necklace

Rings don’t have to be in fingers necessarily. The new style is to wear them as a pendant around your neck. How cool is that?

  • Signature bracelets

Bracelets look cool and stylish at the same time. You can either incorporate his birth stone, name initials or engrave any text on your men’s bracelet. It’s time for you to show your creativity with this one!

  • Ring tattoos

Believe it of not; ring tattoos are a real thing. Getting a permanent stain around your ring finger is a great alternative of a real engagement ring.

  • Silicone rings

Silicone rings are trending for all the right reasons! They are comfortable and extremely lightweight; you barely feel like wearing a ring. Also, it doesn’t slip and stays in place for as long as you want; thus a great option for men who work with their hands. 

Engagement Rings for Men – yay or nay?

Buying a ring for the love of your life to signify your lifelong commitment to him sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it? Although engagement rings are usually associated with the women, but men also want to feel special and flaunt their relationship with a promise ring on their hands. However, the first thing you need to do is; communicate with your partner about his liking and preferences. If he is expecting a ring for your big day; the guideline will help you make the right choice. On the other hand, if he is not into jewelry much, no problem! Consider an alternative of engagement ring and there are a lot of unique ideas for that (already mentioned above). 

Life is too short to stick with the old cliché that men DON’T wear rings because they DID in the past. Now the engagement ring industry is changing, and it’s perfect alright to do things your heart desires without being gender biased. What are your thoughts on this?