Key Things to Consider While Getting a Diamond Engagement Ring

If you get the reply “yes” from your sweetheart, it means that she also wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Now that you are both getting married, there will be a lot of preparations regarding your engagement. One of these preparations is getting her the most beautiful diamond engagement ring that she will wear not just for her engagement, but perhaps for a lifetime.

Getting your fiancee a diamond engagement ring is certainly the first and the most important thing on your pre-wedding agenda. However, buying an engagement ring is not an easy assignment to tackle, because most people do not have a good idea about rings in general. You would think that buying a small item such as a ring will be chicken feed, but in reality, there are a lot of things to consider before settling on a ring that you are exactly looking for. An engagement ring that is specially made of precious stones and metals is something to sit down and think about first.

Round-Cut Diamond

You have to think of the stone that you want in your engagement ring. Next, you have to choose a design that fits perfectly in your girlfriend’s finger. All these decisions could not be taken immediately as they require proper information about the diamond rings. Thus, here we will look at a number of key factors about the diamond rings so that you can get a good idea on how to get a diamond engagement ring.

On the designs alone, it will take you a long while before setting on a ring that your fiancee will surely like. You will encounter a vast range of designs in the market. However, before choosing a diamond ring, you should know about the four Cs of diamond: cut, carat, color, and clarity. These four Cs are the main characteristics of a diamond and the value of every diamond is determined by considering these four characteristics. Keep these four Cs handy because they will definitely help you a lot when shopping for diamonds:

  1. Cut: The term “cut” both refers to the shape and the proportion of the diamond, and also its reflective qualities. A diamond should have the perfect cut and polishing to achieve the best brilliance and sparkle possible. When a diamond has a perfect cut, the light enters through the top and then travels back out to the top and to the observer’s view. This will give a diamond its fiery and flashy appearance. In a poorly diamond cut, the light enters through the top but leaks down to the bottom of the diamond rather than going back up to the top and reflecting back to the observer’s eye. This will result in a dull-looking diamond.
  2. Carat: The weight of a diamond (or other gemstones) is called a “carat.” It is not the same as “karat,” which refers to the purity of gold. A one-carat diamond usually costs higher than the other rings that weigh less than a carat. So you should look at whether or not you can buy a one-carat diamond ring or go down half a carat depending on your budget.
  3. DiamondsColor: Diamonds are graded in color from “D” (colorless) to “Z” (light yellow or brown). Generally, colorless diamonds are more expensive. But there are some colored diamonds which even fetch a higher price than the colored ones. All diamonds have pretty much the same mineral properties, whether they are colorless or not. It’s just a matter of personal preference – ask your fiancee if she prefers colorless or colored diamonds.
  4. Clarity: The clarity of a diamond is measured by the number and/or size of inclusions – flaws or imperfections, that is. This is often the least important consideration because all diamonds have inclusions, but they are mostly microscopic in nature and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Even the most “flawless” diamonds have inclusions, only fewer and tinier. Obviously, the clearer the diamond, the more expensive it gets. Another, a diamond which has more inclusions may affect its durability.

You will see several unique rings at jewelry stores, in different colors, sizes, and designs. But you may not be satisfied by the rings that you see at the stores or showrooms. In this case, you can ask for customization of your diamond engagement ring from an expert. Yes, you can go for a customization option from a skilled professional who can make a ring perfect for your engagement. This option will serve you the ring of your choice which will be fully unique and will speak of your personal taste in jewelry.

If you want to customize your ring, then you have to choose a diamond for your ring. The center stone must have a good cut which makes it elegant and shiny. You may want to choose a colorless diamond for your engagement ring, but there are also fancy colored diamonds such as gray, brown, yellow, orange, pink, purple, violet, blue, green and red. Contrary to popular belief that colored diamonds do not have any value, they are in fact rarer kinds of diamonds and therefore their value is about the same (or even greater) as the colorless diamonds. As implied before, colored diamonds even fetch a higher price than the colorless ones.

Im EngagedThere are several diamonds with different colors that are more beautiful and precious than colorless diamonds. Once you get the diamond, next you have to look for a custom setting for your diamond engagement ring. Gold and platinum are the perfect metals for an engagement ring especially when the center stone is a diamond. For the design, you can look for inspirations at showrooms or make your own design based on your own preferences or past experiences with your loved one – it will put an extra personal touch on your customized ring. An artist and an artisan jewelry maker will help you in crafting an engagement ring as long as they follow your design specification and preferences. Just choose the best items for your ring so that you can get the perfect diamond engagement ring.