Creating Lasting Memories with an Engagement Photographer

When you are ready to commit to one person for the rest of your life you propose to them and have an engagement period before the actual wedding. An engagement period can be anywhere between a few days to a few years, it is a personal choice between the couple. Often people have more focus on the wedding and make plans for flowers, dresses, suits, food, drink, music, photos and so on. But the engagement is also a time to celebrate and more couples are choosing to do this with an expert Santa Barbara engagement photographer. With the help of a professional photographer, you can create important and lasting memories of this time too! There are several ways this can be achieved so here is a look at the more popular ones.

Photo albums

Having an engagement album is a lovely way to hold onto the memories of your engagement experience. It is a collection of photos that take a look at different aspects of the engagement. It might include professional sessions with the Los Angeles engagement photographer in the place where one of your proposed or somewhere special to the two of you as a couple. It might have photos from your engagement party and so on. This is something you can work out with your photographer. Just as with a wedding album, the photographer will select the best pictures to create an official engagement album for the couple. Most will offer choices when it comes to covers and binding methods and there will also be a selection for sizes of the photos in the package.


As well as, or instead of an album some couples want to have unique print options to remember and celebrate their engagement. So rather than the standard photographs, a photographer can use different mediums so you might have a special canvas with a print on it of a favorite engagement image, or something onto a metal plate, or so on. Prints make for a lovely piece of wall art that is personal as well as visually stunning.

Digital slide shows

If you are keen to share the pictures with others, maybe at an event, or online, then digital slide shows are a great option. Let your family and friends see your engagement together in a well-organized and creative digital slide show. Rather than handing around an album, not everyone can see, having lots of fingers touching your precious pictures and possibly one or two getting damaged or lost, this allows you to easily share to a large number of people with no risk to a photo album. A professional Santa Barbara engagement photographer might even set up a website that displays the images and it is a lot easier to add and delete images from a show. Keep it child-appropriate for one get-together and then more adult with another!


While you are eagerly anticipating and planning your wedding day, your engagement is also a time to celebrate and capture those special loving moments. A professional Los Angeles engagement photographer is the best way to do this!