Best Bargain for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Simple Engagement RingWhen talking about jewelry, a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important jewelry that a man should buy in his life. That’s why one must be sure that the ring he is buying should be perfect from all angles. However, looking for a ring will not be easy as it looks, especially when there is a limited budget to spend. Also, he has to get to the right place in order to buy the best ring for his and his girlfriend’s engagement. Here are some tips that can help groom-to-be’s like you to get the right thing from the right place — and at the right price:

  1. Look for multiple jewelers. There may be chances that you get the best diamond engagement ring in the first shop that you visit, but the odds are always there. So, you must shop around the market to get different designs offered at different prices. While shopping, go through the checklist to know more about the reputation of the jeweler.
  2. Look for both traditional as well as online retailers. Sometimes, people get the best diamond rings at attractive prices while shopping online. Plus, shopping online may also prevent you from paying additional sales tax, especially when scoring premium purchases such as jewelry. Thus, you should not be fully dependent on the traditional shopkeepers to buy your diamond ring. It is possible that you get the best thing online. However, the main advantage of shopping at brick-and-mortar jewelry stores is that you are able to assess the rings personally. Either way, it’s best to explore your options so that it will help you to buy the best engagement ring.
  3. Visit antique stores. A number of people are unaware of such stores that offer amazing jewelry collection to the consumers. You may get an antique and astonishing diamond engagement ring from such an antique store in your area. Visiting antique jewelry shops is something that you are most likely to do particularly when your loved one has a predilection towards anything antique or vintage.
  4. Do internet browsing. Most people prefer to shop online nowadays, so don’t forget to browse the Internet to find the perfect ring. You can get the list of retailers who are involved in the diamond ring business. However, you must rely on only the most reputable and certified dealers for your diamond ring. No matter where you are shopping for your ring – whether from a conventional jewelry store or on the Internet – just don’t forget to compare the prices online. This enables you to do good a bargain.
  5. When to shop. Check local shops as well as online stores to get special offers for your ring. During a particular season, a number of retailers are offering their products at discounts so as to attract more customers and increase their sales. Look out for some attractive jewelry sales and take advantage of the price war between jewelry retailers to get the best-looking ring at the lowest price possible.
  6. Get a loose diamond from wholesalers. There are several wholesale dealers selling loose diamonds at wholesale price. In case you want a customized product, get the stone from a wholesaler as it will cut the cost of your diamond engagement ring.
  7. Consider diamond alternatives. Mined diamonds are highly valued not really because of their beauty, but because of their rarity – and that factor is what pushes its price tag to an exorbitant level. If you are still set to buy a colorless gemstone other than a diamond, there are worthy alternatives to diamonds which exactly (or almost exactly) look like the real thing but without the high price tag. Moissanite and cubic zirconia have the appearance of mined diamonds but they are definitely cheaper. Moissanite naturally occurs from meteorites, but there are lab-created ones as well. It is almost colorless and shines even more brilliantly than a diamond, something that your bride-to-be will surely love. Moissanite, especially man-made ones, are specially engineered to produce brilliance, durability, and resistance to abrasion even more so than a diamond. Your fiancee thinks she wears the most beautiful and the shiniest diamond ring, but in fact, that’s  Moissanite. Cubic zirconia also makes a decent engagement ring purchase. It may not be as brilliant as a diamond or Moissanite, but it sure produces a lot of literal sparks. And it’s usually way cheaper than a natural diamond. Another diamond alternative is a white sapphire. It is a virtually colorless stone that looks as nearly identical as a mined diamond. However, diamond is about four times more durable than white sapphire so the latter is more prone to scuffing. Another reason not to choose this because white sapphire is not as clear and brilliant as a diamond. But you may rely on the clever cutting which can make up for the white sapphire’s innate lack of “fire.” Plus, a white sapphire’s low price point (about a quarter of the price of a diamond) is undeniably attractive to engagement ring shoppers.

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Get your diamond engagement ring insured!

After you buy a diamond ring (or ring with another gemstone), it is best to get it insured! A diamond engagement ring is an emotionally significant purchase which symbolizes your love and commitment, and it’s also a valuable item at that. You don’t want to experience some headache in the future in case it gets lost or stolen. Call your insurance provider and check to see if they can add that “bling” to your existing insurance policy. It may cost you a lot, but there’s a peace of mind knowing that your ring will be covered if it gets lost or stolen.

Get a warranty.

Getting a warranty is another smart move to save money on your engagement ring purchase. It also saves you from the troubles of buying an engagement ring that turns out to be defective or poorly designed. Warranties aren’t a standard thing for every jeweler but look for reputable retailers that offer one. Experts highly recommend that you should send your ring for inspection every six months. If you fail to keep up on the maintenance, your warranty may lose its validity.