What’s Next After She Says Yes?

Nothing compares to the anxiety of planning a proposal. The anxiousness surrounding the “big question” is no joke, from doing your sneaky work and figuring out your fiancée’s ideal ring to shopping around and organizing the moment she’s been dreaming about her entire life. But you got down on one knee and did it after patiently preparing every detail, eventually selecting a ring you know she’ll love, and asking her father for her hand in marriage.

You’ve gotten engaged! However, the tension and unease you experienced before are about to be amplified because the wedding madness begins shortly after the engagement. Most pairs say this is among the happiest times of their relationship. 

Still, it’s also one of the most difficult because it’s the first time they’re genuinely making joint judgment calls and working collaboratively for a day that means a great deal to both of them. So, after she replies that emotional, ecstatic “yes!” you must be ready for what follows, here are some things to do after your proposal.

Celebrate Privately

Whatever way you chose to propose, odds are she’ll be wiping away tears and beaming from ear to ear with delight. However, it would be best if you celebrated quietly before calling your parents and dearest friends and family members. There are a few occasions during your relationship when you get this magical, wonderful feeling that reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place. 

It’s a moment to dream and imagine, a time to savor as a pair and reflect on everything you’ve gone through as a couple and everything you wish to experience together in the future.

Gather Your Friends and Family to Celebrate

Go outside for a commemorative drink with some of your family and closest friends, or treat yourself to a special date night alone if that’s more your thing. You’re engaged, and that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Get Your Engagement Ring Insured

It’s not quite the most romantic or thrilling thing on the planet, but it might just save your life in the end. It’s shockingly affordable when added as an add-on to your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy.

Agree On A Date

open planner, calendar, “Save the Date” sign, wood table

The most popular wedding locations and dates book up quickly, so if you want to tie the knot within a year or two, it’s a good idea to start planning immediately. Determine what works best for both of your families and whether any possible conflicts exist.

Explore Wedding Venues

Remember, you can’t choose a date till you’ve found your dream location! Do some preliminary online research, or call to inquire about availability and pricing if you already have a site in mind.

Determine the Size of Your Wedding

Whether you’re aiming big or small, it’s critical to be on the same page regarding this one. If it’s essential to both of you or if they’ll be paying the costs, get their input. You can commit to a venue once you’ve settled on a ballpark budget and guest count.

Talk About the Budget

Money speaks for itself, yet no one wants to talk about it. It can be, to put it mildly, awkward. However, before you can truly move ahead with any of your wedding arrangements, you and your partner (or even including the parents) must have this conversation.

Gather Inspiration

Create a Google Doc, a Pinterest board, a computer folder, or an Instagram album to collect images of your favorite wedding pieces. You can keep it to yourself for organization’s sake or share it with your fiancé, mother, wedding planner, friends, and anybody else who wants to see and contribute.

Decide Who Will Be a Part of the Bridal Party

wedding dresses

How many groomsmen or bridesmaids are you looking for? Do you insist on an even number, or are you okay with odd numbers? Do you want a grooms lady or bridesman for one of you (or both)? Are you planning on having a best man or maid of honor? Whatever the case may be, you must consider these concerns before one of you proposes to a friend.

Interview Vendors and/or Planners

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional planner to help with décor and logistics, get some references and conduct some online research before scheduling some interviews. A wedding coordinator is well worth their weight just for vendor referrals.

For smaller gatherings, go straight to the source and do your research on a few vendors.

Keep a look Out for Trunk Show Schedules

Do you have your heart set on a particular wedding gown designer? You don’t have to rush out to try on gowns right at once, but you should check out their trunk show calendar to see if they’ll be in the area (or where you’d have to fly) and how big of a discount you can get on the new collection.

Arrange An Engagement Party (If You Want One)

Do you prefer to plan the party yourself or entrust it to your family or friends? Moreover, do you want to keep it low-key and host it in your place or the backyard of a friend? Would you like to reserve a venue for a catered dinner or for everyone to get together for cocktails at your favorite bar? 

In any case, be sure you’re doing what feels suitable for you and your partner.


Do something enjoyable, just the pair of you. Whatever suits your plan and brings out the youth in you both, go bowling, on vacation to the beach, ice skating, or even mini-golfing. From the start, wedding preparation can be highly stressful, so try to find the humor in it all and take some time to reconnect, laugh, and recall why you’re getting married in the first place.