What Makes Cremation Diamonds More Affordable Than Other Diamonds?

If you are in mourning after having lost a near and dear one, cremation diamonds can provide relief by letting them have a piece of their lost one close to their heart.

Cremation diamonds, as the name suggests, are made from the ashes of the deceased. This lets their survivor heal in a better manner, as they can now keep the memory of their loved one alive in the form of the diamond.

How is a cremation diamond made?

We all know that a diamond is made of 100 percent pure carbon. Some of the most prestigious companies dealing with cremation diamonds have a well-equipped laboratory in which they extract pure carbon from the deceased’s ashes. Then they turn into a diamond through advanced technology, which can mimick the conditions found deep inside the Earth’s crust to make real diamonds.

How much does it cost to make a cremation diamond?

Cost depends on carat size, cut, and color of the diamond. You must also consider the jewelry setting. However, a few of the reputed companies make sure that their customers get their diamonds at an affordable cost. They provide the lowest prices in the market. Besides, they also offer flexible payment options. Check here how much a diamond engagement ring costs.

The main purpose of a cremation diamond is to let you keep the tangible essence of your deceased loved one alive with you. This piece of jewelry is not for fun or fashion. It has a deep sentimental value and carries the power to heal grieving.

In this context, reputed names in this field believe in not overburdening their customers with the cost of creating a diamond. Their decades of experience and access to the most advanced technology help them create diamonds at a price lower than other players in this field.

Making cremation diamonds accessible to everyone

Price is not the first thing that people consider when arranging for a funeral; yet price is something that we all have to think about. Highly esteemed companies do not wish to play with your emotions. They strive to make diamonds in the most affordable manner possible so that it goes easy on your wallet, plus helps you heal from the grief in a better way.

Although it is impossible to fill the void that a loved one leaves when they pass away, a cremation diamond can keep their essence alive forever. You feel a sense of relief and hope knowing that your loved one has not gone anywhere; they are with you.