The Importance of Seating at a Banquet or Wedding

Planning a banquet is stressful, and planning a wedding is far more so. In fact, there are entire industries around these two things, when weddings being the bigger. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry, in fact, and I have to say that I don’t think that should be the case. If I may take a moment to venture forth an opinion, I think people put entirely too much pressure and significance on the ceremony itself, with tens of thousands of dollars being spent on something that could easily be done for far less.

On top of this, in truth, most of the people don’t really want to be there, they just feel that they are obligated to attend and put on a smile for the bride and groom, or those hosting the banquet. That said, you certainly don’t want wedding chairs to be uncomfortable, but too often, they are. Weddings are usually held in one of two venues, a church or not a church. Churches have uncomfortable sitting by their very nature, usually being pews, and ancient trope that persists for honestly baffling reasons.

All other venues usually wind up having foldout, metal chairs not to similar to those used in classrooms or meeting halls. They are not comfortable to sitting, especially for the protracted periods of time necessary for banquets, wedding ceremonies and receptions. You need comfortable chairs, and banquet chair manufacturers have been providing these for a long time.

Are there better seating options?

When it comes to wholesale tables and chairs for wedding events, the tables don’t actually need to be anything special. Typical full-out tables are actually fine, as long as you provide ample elbow room for the guests. There should be at least 3 feet of space between opposite-facing guests, and at least 4 feet of space on either side of the guests between them and people next to them. The same goes for banquets.

Seats are more important, because that’s where the real discomfort comes from. They should not be stiff, full-out metallic chairs, but something was some cushioning underneath them, and a little bit of lumbar support, but not support that makes him sit bolt-upright. Banquet chair manufacturers have offered a wide variety of affordable, unfolding chairs that meet the specifications for quite some time.

Where can I get wedding chairs, wholesale tables and so forth?

If you look online, you can actually find surplus suppliers of wholesale tables and chairs for wedding events, general wedding chairs, and top-of-the-line seating from banquet chair manufacturers. You can get this stuff in bulk, and save a lot of money, paying less than you would for generic, uncomfortable metal chairs.

If you only plan to use these wants, you can often resell them in good condition on places such as eBay, getting some of your money back. Keep a few of them, these tend to be pretty comfortable. If you want your wedding to be something that your guests actually look back on as fondly as you do, without spinning the absurd amounts of money that people tend to spend, then do your research, contact banquet chair manufacturers directly, and see what you can do about a wholesale, cheaper price.