Get a Diamond Engagement Ring of Her Choice

A diamond engagement ring is an enduring piece of jewelry that reflects a man’s promise of everlasting love, devotion, and commitment towards his future wife for a lifetime. And as you can see, it is more than just a piece of jewelry. Thus, you must want your ring to be beautiful, of high quality… you know, just perfect for her. That’s why you have to be a knowledgeable customer who can judge whether you are getting the right thing or not.

Buying something for someone else, such as buying an engagement ring for your sweetheart, will most likely be a challenging one. You will feel daunted and overwhelmed once you step inside a jewelry store, especially when you’re facing a lot of rings at the display. We cannot blame you, after all — it’s because every man wants to make sure that his girlfriend will love the ring that he buys for her. But then, there’s the feeling of doubt and worry that you might choose the wrong one. It would not just be a waste of money, but also a waste of time and effort.

But don’t feel lost because you will find a number of ways to pick a nice ring for your engagement. Since your girlfriend will be wearing the engagement ring probably for a lifetime, you have to put some extra care and attention when buying something as precious as an engagement ring. It will surely be an emotionally significant purchase which symbolizes that she has your love alone forever.

Engagement styles can vary from one couple to another. Many guys would like to surprise their girlfriends with a wedding proposal that will surely induce her to tears (of joy, of course). But other men propose to their sweethearts in advance and then bring them to shop the ring together. You may prefer this style of proposal because this is a surefire way to pick a perfect diamond engagement ring for her.

But in case you are planning for a surprise wedding proposal, you can bring her family member or any of her friends to shop for a nice ring for her. Another thing you can do is to get an idea of what she likes regarding gemstones and jewelry and use that as a basis for buying the right engagement ring at the store.

You also have to pay more attention to your girlfriend’s taste in clothes and jewelry. If you have access to her jewelry box, you may have to take pictures of her jewelry that she wears the most often, and bring them to the jewelry store. In this way, it will tell you whether she likes gold or silver; colorless gemstones or colored ones; or jewelry of uniform shapes or jewelry of uneven shapes and curves.

Your girlfriend’s career and lifestyle are also a good basis for buying the perfect ring for her. If she works as a runway model or a professional events host, you are most likely to buy her a beautiful, elegant and fashionable diamond engagement ring which will surely sparkle every time she’s onstage. But if your girlfriend works as a gym instructor it may not be practical to buy her a ring with a large diamond on a solitaire setting. A ring with a smaller diamond in a flush setting is a more feasible choice.

But what if your girlfriend is in the medical field like a nurse, doctor or surgeon? Or she’s working at a lab as a scientist, technical assistant or quality assurance analyst? Usually, in these kinds of jobs, she takes her gloves on and off before and after work. You have to take this into account whether or not she wants to wear an engagement ring at work, or wearing jewelry is permitted in such a sterile and sensitive work environment. Buying her a ring that is not suitable to her lifestyle is almost a guarantee that she will want to have her ring re-designed (or possibly she won’t wear it a lot at all).

White Gold DiamondLet’s talk about size – ring finger size, that is. Many men’s faces would go blank whenever jewelers ask them whether this or that ring will fit perfectly on their own girlfriends’ finger. Finding out your girl’s ring finger size is probably the most challenging part of this (already challenging) task. But fortunately, there are sneaky ways to do that to determine your girlfriend’s finger size. One of the sure ways is to sneak one of her rings (make sure that the ring is the one that she wears most frequently) and trace it on a piece of paper. You will bring that sketch to the jewelry store and they will show you lots of ring options which are about the same size as your girlfriend’s current ring.

You also have to make a choice regarding a ring’s band. The band is the setting on which the center stone, such as a diamond, will be placed. First, you have to choose a design for the band. There are a lot of band designs to choose from. The band is more technically called a “shank” – you can go for the classic straight or tapered shank to unique ones like the criss-cross, peek-a-boo, two-tone, graduating diamond, and a lot more. You definitely have to ask your girlfriend what shank profile she will love the most.

Next is the metal of which your band will be made. Gold, silver, and platinum are the usual metals to make the band of your diamond engagement ring. Among these three, gold is the best metal for a diamond ring as it is shiny, appealing, strong, less reactive, and durable and could be afforded by a number of people. Although gold does not come out quite cheap for people who are looking for a ring, it is not too expensive either. Silver, on the other hand, is less expensive than gold and could be afforded easily. However, silver is not highly recommended for a band material, especially in case of a diamond ring. For one, silver tarnishes over time especially when exposed to air for long periods. If you are spending so much on a center stone, it will be better than you should spend a little more on the band’s metal too.

Platinum would be the exceptional choice as it is extremely durable, highly resistant to scuffing and tarnish, and gives off that sleek and elegant look. It doesn’t require maintenance as well. But platinum is the most expensive, and most average Joes could not afford to buy platinum rings. Therefore, the most practical choice would be gold – it is durable, doesn’t tarnish, and therefore it will be definitely worth your money. White gold is also a great choice as it doesn’t tarnish as silver does, but it does tend to change colors over time so it may require regular maintenance.

You will be spending a lot of money on this piece of jewelry that will become a symbol of your lifetime love and commitment to your partner. That’s why you must be armed with the right and sufficient information (as well as a dash of luck) to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring that matches your sweetheart’s choice.

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