Diamond Engagement Ring: Ready Made or Customized

Three-Stone White GoldThere is no competition against a diamond when it comes to its clarity, rarity, beauty, and brilliance. All these characteristics have made this stone so precious that the diamond is perhaps the most prized and beloved gemstone in the world. A diamond is often the symbol of intense love, endless devotion, and strong commitment. It is often said that a diamond placed on a ring is said to be auspicious, so that’s why a diamond ring is given on happy occasions such as an engagement or a wedding proposal.

Just because of all these reasons, an engagement is incomplete without the exchange of a diamond engagement ring by the couple. So, if you are getting engaged, then it is necessary for you to get an elegant diamond ring for your engagement. However, there may be some questions in your mind like how to find, where to start and what to do? Well, you do not have to worry, as there are some tips for you to find the perfect diamond ring for your engagement.

There are basically two options for you to buy a diamond engagement ring: either you can buy a ready-made ring or you can ask a professional to customize one for you. If you are looking for a ready-made diamond ring, then you must go to a reputable dealer in diamond rings. You will find numerous rings of different quality in those showrooms. Don’t just buy a directly from a store you entered first. Try to visit a number of stores to get a good idea about the designs, price, and value of the rings. Doing this will lead you with a wide range of options enabling you to choose best one out. While buying a ring from a showroom, ask for the certificates that verify the originality of your ring. A reputable dealer always gives documents to its customers that prove the originality of the ring. So, you must not forget to ask for those documents.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with those ready-made rings in the showrooms and at the jewelry shop displays, you can go for the option of customization. Yes, a person skilled in crafting jewelry can customize a diamond engagement ring as per your choice. To customize a ring, you have to choose a diamond as well as setting for the ring. This will enable you to get the finished product exactly of your choice. However, you should select a highly skilled person for the customization of your ring. A diamond ring is an expensive and valuable item so you must get a perfect ring to get your money’s worth.

What makes customized rings popular?

Customized rings are growing in popularity these days, especially among engaged couples who want to infuse their personal style and preference into the design. There are several factors that emphasize the importance of a customized ring. Buyers think that a customized diamond engagement ring has more value and personal significance than their ready-made counterparts. If you have your engagement ring customized, it means that you are essentially making your own ring – well of course with the help of a designer and a professional artisan jewelry maker who will craft rings for you according to your preferred design.

You have carefully put down your thoughts and ideas to craft a diamond engagement ring that will result in a truly unique design. A customized ring also represents your own personality, preference, style, art as well as your creativity and imagination. It gives you the outlet to express the promise of your everlasting love and commitment to your partner in the next phase of your relationship.

Due to technology today, it makes it easier for you to come up with a draft or a sketch of your preferred ring design. A tech-savvy graphic artist will draft a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of your engagement ring on a computer, following every design details that you have provided (including the cut and shape of the diamond).

After the CAD draft of the engagement ring is approved, a raw mold (such as a wax model) of the ring will be then created. And the actual making of the jewelry proceeds. You have to trust that the process will produce a ring that looks like the exact design that you have always wanted.

Of course, making a customized engagement ring is no easy task. You would do a lot more research than what you would when shopping for rings that you already see at showrooms and jewelry store displays. Another drawback may be the added expenses that would be involved in having your ring customized, but it depends on the design pattern. For instance, if you have provided a simple design pattern for your customized ring, it may cost a bit lower than most store-bought ones.

You also have to start early when you’ve decided on a customized engagement ring because making a customized ring requires a lot of work. You have to choose a reputable jewelry maker to craft your own ring. And possibly, it may require you a number of back-and-forth visits to the jewelry shop for consultations. You may also have to review their own drafts or sketches before you are sure that they are able to come up with a mold or replica of the ring with a design that you have always envisioned.

Buying a ready-made ring

Engagement Ring

There are advantages to buying a ready-made ring. One of them is obviously the time and the money that you’ll save, compared to what you’ll spend on a customized engagement ring. There are a lot of beautiful diamond rings out there that come in a variety of cuts and designs.

When you’re caught on a last-minute decision, all you have to do is to troop to the nearest jewelry shop, or just shop online for rings at the comfort of your home. Or if you’re feeling a bit spontaneous while strolling with your sweetheart, you may take her to a jewelry shop and give her something special – like a diamond engagement ring (considering the cost is no object to you, and that you have been talking about getting married soon). It will also allow her to pick a ring that she really likes and fits her finger perfectly.

Whether you want your diamond engagement ring ready-made or customized, choose the one that matches your choice as well as your budget.