10 Interesting Short Stories That Could Change the Way You Think

So, it is motivation time again! Here is your daily dose of inspiration from Plush Fluffy to push you out of your comfort zone and into the zone of ultimate being!

Yay to life!

1. The Deaf Frog

The Deaf Frog

When two frogs out of their army fell into a creek, they had no route to escape. Fortunately, the fallen frogs had no way of knowing that their way to rescue was missing. So, they started trying.

Their peers on the top of the ditch, however, knew their upcoming demise. They warned them of their useless efforts.

After gruesome efforts, one frog accepted the other frogs’ advice, gave up, and died; while, the other frog jumped out of the creek.

He was deaf and couldn’t hear the warnings of his army.

Moral: When you accept a challenge, be deaf.

2. Elephant


Two friends – an ant and an elephant – were pregnant. They anticipated angelic babies and were happy for each other.

Soon, ant met her antlings. But the elephant’s baby was nowhere to be seen. After that, the ant went through a few more cycles of reproduction. She was curious and worried about the baby of the elephant.

After almost two years, the elephant gave birth to her calf. And Ant knew that big creations need time to develop.

Moral: Huge success requires lots of patience.

3. Save the Starfish

Save the Starfish

That small girl was picking starfishes from the beach and throwing them back into the sea. All her efforts seemed to have zero impact on the huge number of fish stranded on the beach.

But she persisted.

A mature man approached her and told her that efforts aren’t enough to help the fish.

She replied (after throwing another fish into water): But they were enough for this one fish.

Moral: No effort is small.

4. Change Your Vision

Change Your Vision

The king had some trouble with his eyesight so he visited a monk. The monk advised him to only see green for a month.

After a few weeks, the monk visited the king and saw that he had gotten his palace painted in green. The servant also asked him to dress in green before approaching the king.

When he finally met the king, he said, ‘Instead of changing the whole environment, you could’ve used only green-tinged glasses.’

Moral: Change your vision.

5. Camels Were Trapped

Camels Were Trapped

One day, a baby camel asked her mother why she got long eyelashes, a hump, and flat feet.

‘No other animal in our neighborhood has similar features?’

His mother replied that it was because camels are desert animals and want long eyelashes to keep the dust from their eyes, a hump to store food for famine, and flat feet to easily navigate sandy surfaces.

‘They are our unique gifts’, she said.

Moral: Your unique gifts go unnoticed and unused when you are stuck in the wrong place.

6. The Unlucky Man

The Unlucky Man

In a village, there was a man who had the worst luck of them all. Misfortunes kept running towards him.

He kept living his life in despair. One morning, the villagers saw that that unlucky man was no more worried. Instead, he was happy and smiling.

They asked about the treasure he unearthed within a night.

The unlucky man replied: I searched for happiness and ran away from myself. So, I have abandoned pursuing luck and have found contentment within me.

Moral: Luck is a mindset.

7. Remember the Good Deed


The two friends were journeying together. On the way, they ran into a disagreement and one friend slapped the other. The aggrieved friend wrote in sand, ‘Today my friend slapped me’.

Later the aggrieved friend got stuck in quicksand so his friend rescued him. At that point, the friend who got slapped wrote in stone, ‘Today, my friend saved my life’.

Moral: Always write others’ good deeds with inerasable ink.

8. Elephants can’t Break Childhood Chains

Elephants can’t Break Childhood Chains

When a new baby elephant gets registered with a zoo, the trainers bind a rope to their feet. This rope is strong enough to keep these tiny creatures. They try to escape but the rope shows them its strength.

Years later, elephants grow up in the same captivity. They become stronger but they never try to break the same weak rope that held them since childhood. Their illusion of childhood bonds keeps them captive.

Moral: You can only break free of captivity by challenging your limiting beliefs.

9. Stones and Candies

Stones and Candies

One day a boy and a girl were playing together. The boy had colorful pebbles which were desired by the girl. And the boy wanted the candies of the girl. They traded the candies for pebble.

That night the girl slept peacefully. But the boy remained awake thinking that the girl might have deceived him and hid some candies with her in the same way he had hidden the pebbles.

Moral: Honesty frees people.

10. Puppies for Sale

Puppies for Sale

A pet shop had a sale on puppies. A small boy walked in and selected an injured puppy.

‘This puppy may never play with you like other dogs. It’s handicapped’, the shop owner warned. But the boy wanted only that pup.

He rolled up his pant leg to show his handicapped leg which prevented him from running or playing. ‘The dog wants an understanding buddy like me’, he said.

Moral: Love is blind.