Useful Guidelines for You to Shop for the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring is not an easy task, as it is something purchased for a rare and special occasion. Aside from the price factor, another concern is whether your sweetheart will like the ring or not. Does she like to wear it just during the engagement or even for the rest of her life? It’s not that your preference does not matter, because of course, you want to pick the best-looking ring that you can afford. Most couples nowadays prefer a joint decision when shopping for an engagement ring. But since you know that your fiancée will be the one to wear the ring, considering her taste in jewelry matters a lot more than you think. And if you’re going to buy only a diamond ring, you should do some research into it since you know that you are going to spend a great deal for some special kind of jewelry.

So the question is, how to get the best one out? First, do some homework by collecting information about the four Cs of a diamond: cut, carat, color, and clarity.

  1. Cut – it refers to the angles and facets of a diamond in relation to its reflective qualities. A diamond with a good cut catches light from the top and reflects it back to the observer’s eye. In this way, it produces a bright sparkle. In a diamond that has a too shallow or too deep cut, the light just escapes right down to the bottom of the gemstone, instead of bouncing off. This results in lack of “fire.”
  2. Carat – it refers to the weight of the gemstone. The heavier and bigger a gemstone is, the more expensive it gets. A one-carat diamond is mostly considered quite pricey for most ordinary folks whose income is just sufficient to their needs. Rings with a half-a-carat diamond are pretty common and are definitely less expensive. But since a diamond with less than a carat is smaller, it might compromise its “fiery” appearance, unless it has a very good cut.
  3. Color – diamonds are also graded by color, starting from “D” being colorless to “Z” being light yellow or light brown. Generally, colorless diamonds are more expensive than colored ones. But in some cases certain colored diamonds such as pink, blue and red fetch even a higher price than their colored counterparts. The color of a diamond is not correspondent to its quality – colored and colorless diamonds have pretty much the same mineral properties.
  4. Clarity – diamonds are also graded by clarity. All diamonds have imperfections or inclusions, but they can be normally seen under a special optical device. The clarity of a diamond is graded from “flawless” to “included.” An “included” diamond would still appear clear but not as clear as the flawless one.

Before buying a diamond engagement ring, it is necessary for a person to know about the cut, clarity, carat, and color of the diamond. The setting factor is another important thing that a person has to choose for his engagement ring. The setting must be stunning and should be the perfect match to the center stone for the ring. The most common and popular is the four-prong setting which highlights the brilliance of the center stone such as a diamond. The bezel setting is also a popular option, as the center stone is securely wrapped by a band of metal – it is a practical type of setting as it is guaranteed that the center stone will never fall off. However, the bezel setting may compromise the natural brilliance of the diamond. Perhaps the best option is to have your diamond partially (not completely) wrapped in a bezel so that its sparkle can still be seen.

Size also matters a lot as it must be perfect for whom it is purchased. If you are buying a ring, you just want the exact size that fits your fiancée’s finger. Next is the metal that you want for the band of your diamond engagement ring. The band for a diamond ring is usually made up of gold, titanium or platinum. All these metals are strong, durable and less reactive. These metals are the most ideal for precious stones such as diamonds. Platinum is the perfect choice as it is durable and will last for many years, that’s why it’s the most expensive metal. Gold, on the other hand, is the most practical choice as it is as durable as platinum but not as expensive.

Depending on your choice, you can shop a ready-made ring that you will find in the showrooms or you can buy a loose diamond and have your ring customized from an expert. Customization is an excellent choice for a diamond engagement ring as it provides uniquely-designed diamond rings to the customers.

For this process, you have to get a loose stone from the market (remember the four Cs that are mentioned above) that you want in your engagement ring. Then, go to an expert in jewelry who can create an exceptional ring that is based on your design concept. It will be a great choice if you find an attractive stone and take it to a skilled person for customization.

Don’t just go with whatever the jeweler suggest you for your engagement – it’s okay to listen to them but it’s also important to trust your (and your girlfriend’s) instincts. The price of a diamond engagement ring ranges from a very low to a price that goes through the roof. Thus, you should allow a considerable budget for an engagement ring. Save a lot, and then make a budget considering certain factors such as your income, willingness to spend on a diamond ring, your fiancee’s personal tastes, etc.

Once you have decided on the budget, next is to shop the item from the right place. Go to a recognized store that is legal and accredited by recognized organizations who regulate the jewelry market. You cannot even think of forgery or fraud in case of buying an expensive item like a diamond engagement ring form these reputable jewelers. Besides, such stores also issue a certification which attests the originality of their merchandise.