Shop for the Best Diamond Engagement Ring for Her

No diamond engagement ring is made the same. With a vast number of rings that you see from the jewelry shops, showrooms and also online, you’d wonder if you will be able to pick the best ring for your fiancee. Of course you will! You should not consider just the price alone – even if you pick the most expensive ring, if it’s not the best for your sweetheart, it won’t be the best ring that you think it is.

Gold Diamond Ring

Men feel worry and apprehension whenever they’re buying a ring for their intended. Of course, they worry that the ring that they think is the best won’t turn out to be the best for their own brides-to-be. To avoid feeling so overwhelmed, this guideline below may help you to shop the perfect ring for your sweetheart:

Shape matters a lot.

The shape indicates the actual geometric design of the diamond. Don’t get confused here with the cut as it indicates the angles and facets of a diamond. The following are some types of cuts.

  • Round (the most popular shape)
  • Princess (also popular)
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Pear-shaped
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Heart-shaped

You should definitely ask your sweetheart what shape of a diamond she will like best. Or if you’re browsing alone, you should consider her personality. If she’s the girly type, you should get her the princess or a heart-shaped diamond. If she’s the bold and ambitious career-woman type, you may get her a cushion or an emerald-shaped diamond to make her a standout.

The ring’s setting

A setting is the metal frame in which the center stone will be mounted. It is a necessary thing as it contributes a lot to give an extra appeal to your diamond ring. Thus, think about the best setting that you can get for your center stone mounting.

There are many types of ring settings, but some of the popular ones include:

  • Prong (the most common and popular)
  • Solitaire
  • Channel
  • Halo
  • Three-stone
  • Bezel
  • Pave
  • Flush
  • Tension

Consider her lifestyle.
Your bride-to-be’s career and lifestyle should also be one of the deciding factors for getting her the perfect diamond engagement ring. If she also happens to be your colleague working together at the same office, you can get her the classic round-cut diamond ring in a prong setting. But if she’s the type who likes to go to the gym, a ring with a big diamond in a solitaire setting is not a practical choice; rather, a ring with a smaller diamond placed in a flush setting is a more feasible choice.

If your future wife has an occupation that involves delicate or sensitive procedure, e.g., a nurse or a lab assistant (which requires her to wear gloves), then you should take an account whether she wants to wear the ring while at work, or whether wearing jewelry is permitted in the area where she works.

Check her style.

What is the use of a ring that will never be liked by the one for whom it was bought? Back in the old days, people used to buy an engagement ring without even telling their fiancée so as to give them a surprise. But nowadays, many couples prefer to shop their diamond engagement ring together in order to have a full satisfaction of what they are purchasing. Thus, you must ask her about her taste regarding jewelry before buying a ring. This will help you know about her choice so it will be easy for you to find best diamond ring for her.

But in case you want to give her a surprise, you can ask her siblings, friends, family or colleagues about her choice. They may know better about her taste of jewelry, what kind of ring that she wears every day, etc., and their advice will surely help you to shop best ring for your engagement.

Which metal you want in your diamond engagement ring?

The band of a diamond ring must be made up of a shiny, attractive and durable metal to make the ring more appealing. Choosing a premium metal for the ring will also make it more valuable.

Gold, white gold and platinum are among the most common metals for a diamond ring. Silver is also a popular choice but it suffers a number of tarnishes and black spots over time, and this makes this metal less durable. Therefore, you should not choose silver as it is not much suitable particularly for special jewelry such as a diamond engagement ring.

Platinum is an incredibly attractive metal and is just perfect for a diamond ring. It is also exceptionally durable and highly resistant to scratching. However, platinum is the most expensive among all other metals, because aside from its exceptional features, it is also a rare metal. If you want to have a platinum ring, you definitely have to spend a lot on that – but platinum is absolutely worth the purchase because of its admirable attributes that were mentioned earlier.

Cushion ShapeThe best and the most practical metal that you can have on your diamond engagement ring is gold. It is strong, durable, shiny, attractive and just perfect for an engagement ring. It is neither too expensive nor too cheap and that is why it is preferred the most for rings.

But if you want your ring to look like silver or platinum without the former’s natural tendency to tarnish or the former’s sky-high price tag, you can settle with white gold. White gold is gold alloyed with nickel, manganese, or palladium, or a combination of any of these. White gold is definitely durable than silver but not quite as durable as platinum. However, white gold’s lower price point is one of its main advantages over platinum. While white gold doesn’t corrode, it tends to change colors over time that’s why it needs a regular maintenance.

Shop your diamond engagement ring from a good dealer with a high reputation in the market. A reputable dealer doesn’t mean that you have to go to huge showrooms to buy the ring. You can even shop the ring from a small dealer in jewelries. What matters is the reputation and not the size of the business.