How to Know What She Wants for an Engagement Ring?

man holding an engagement ring behind his back

When you are planning to propose to the love of your life to take your relationship to the next level, there are many things you need to consider. One of those is getting an engagement ring that she will surely like. There are lots of things to know before buying an engagement … Read more

Choosing an Oval Diamond

person wearing an oval diamond ring

Buying an engagement ring is a really exciting moment. However, it also involves a lot of things to decide on, and that includes the diamond cut. If you are thinking about the best diamond cut for an engagement ring, one of the most picked today is an oval-cut diamond. There has been … Read more

Ways to Reduce the Monthly Payment for an Engagement Ring

an engagement ring in a box

If you and your partner have been together for quite a while and you’re looking into taking your relationship to the next level, you might also be thinking about purchasing an engagement ring for your proposal. Your finances might not be the first thing you would think about when you are about … Read more

Surprising Engagement Ring Statistics

person putting an engagement ring on finger

In many parts of the world, getting married is indeed a big deal. One of the essential aspects of it in most countries is what starts it all, which is engagement. If you are thinking about leveling up your relationship to the next level, there are many things you need to learn … Read more

Engagement Rings for Men: a hit or miss?


Being a symbol of commitment and long-lasting love; an engagement ring is an important part of the proposal not for women but men too. Unlike the feminine wedding bands, the choices with engagement rings for men are limited. Is that because men are not into rings much? Do you think engagement rings … Read more

Tips On Buying The Best Diamond Solitaire Ring


Selecting a perfect engagement ring can really be overwhelming; all thanks to a wide variety of ring designs to choose from. It is going to be your first biggest investment ever, so you need to make a decision carefully. To be honest, diamond solitaire rings are the best option you must consider … Read more

How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Like New

A black and white photo of a diamond ring

Arguably, an engagement ring is a woman’s most prized possession in more than one way. Not only is it one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry you ever possess, but it also holds a lot of emotions too. It marks the day when you get betrothed to the man of your … Read more

What to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring?

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Every great proposal has three crucial elements: the eternal question, true love, and a shiny engagement ring. Finding the love of your life is not the easy part, and now if you are preparing to buy an engagement ring, then the difficult part is behind you. The engagement ring is not an … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting an Engagement Ring

woman with engagement ring kissing her partner

A wedding is one of the most important events for almost all of us, as it is during this occasion that we will see our loved ones or ourselves go to the next chapter of our lives, which is to start a family with your husband or wife. However, before the wedding, … Read more