5 Different Pros Of Land-Based Casinos And Online Casinos

In the old days, the only way to be able to play roulette, blackjack, slot machines or bingo was to go to a face-to-face casino. In the case of slot machines they can also be found in bars.

1. Location

Perhaps one of the main advantages of online casinos is location꽁머니. Thanks to a mobile device, the user can play wherever and whenever they want. It does not matter what time you connect or where you are, although it is really important to have a good internet connection.

However, to face-to-face casinos you have to move and sometimes the mechanics or the schedule is not entirely favorable. In addition, depending on the autonomous community, the user will have more or fewer options. For example: in the Canary Islands they have 8 casinos, while in La Rioja, Aragón, Murcia or Extremadura there is only 1 per community.

2. Atmosphere of play

If there is one thing that an online casino can never achieve, it is the unique and special atmosphere that is created in face-to-face casinos. The face-to-face casinos have something that catches from minute zero. It is a mixture of everything: the game on the move, players who are lucky and those who do not, the croupier in its purest form, the different game modalities, the possibility of relating and socializing. In that sense, the online casino does not it has that warmth and is colder and lonelier.

3. Diversity of play

In this case, the online casino wins by a landslide even when compared to Las Vegas. Regardless of the size of the casino, it cannot accommodate the millions and millions of online games out there today. There are hundreds of software operators and each of them has thousands of hundreds of other games. Microgaming has 850 slots; can you imagine a casino with only 850 slot machines from this operator alone? Impossible right?

4. Payment methods

In relation to the payment methods, in physical casinos you must carry the chips that you are obtaining with you and to the room you must go to the box office to exchange them for money. It depends on the money you win; it is much faster and with fewer conditions than in online casinos. It is true, that in the latter everything is digitized, however, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions and knows the withdrawal methods. It is becoming more agile and simple.

5. Free entry

In some land based casinos the player must pay a fee to enter. For example, in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Casino, the country’s laws establish that natives or those with permanent residence must pay SGD $ 100. Instead tourists can enter for free. Another essential requirement is that you must be over 21 years of age to access the casino. At an online level this is unthinkable, anyone over 18 years of age, in the case of Korea, can access and play in an online casino for free.